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  1. letemgrow

    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    I've seen some IA barns that have some MASSIVE bucks in them that were never entered.
  2. letemgrow

    Land prices / insane!!!

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall... I just cannot see this ending well.
  3. letemgrow


    They definitely found a few keepers on this trip! https://ozarkchinquapinmembership.org/tree-trip-to-mount-magazine-arkansas/ Oxalic Acid Leaf Disc Assay The fungal pathogen responsible for the blight, Cryphonectria parasitica, secretes oxalic acid (oxalate) that kills healthy tissue and...
  4. letemgrow


    The plan is to go back down there this fall to collect some more. Granted that's all tentative so who knows. I have a pile left in the cattle tubs to grow this summer, so that may also be an option this fall depending on how those turn out.
  5. letemgrow


  6. letemgrow


    Last year’s haul. This was what was left off one tree that was still holding when they called me to authorize. Ozark chinquapin like it high and dry from all the research I’ve gathered. The sites on my farm that it’s growing well at won’t hold rain in holes even after a heavy storm. Sent...
  7. letemgrow


    This Ozark chinquapin tree was crossed with an Asian chestnut. The research center cut it down, but I did get a few started on my place to see what they morph into. Only one nut per bur like a chinquapin. They were the size of chestnuts tho. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. letemgrow


    Obtaining them from a research center in southern MO. I have some younger Castanea Ozarkensis that are growing but not yet producing. They're doing some research there that includes crossing the ozark chinquapin with GMO american chestnut to achieve blight resistance.
  9. letemgrow


    Stored some in an old cattle tub with potting soil/sand and left them to the elements. Hardware cloth was used to cover and secure from predation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. letemgrow

    WHY we see any legislation with crossbows in it…

    Boy if that isn't government in a nutshell....
  11. letemgrow


    Ozark Chinquapin are waking up from their winter nap in cold storage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. letemgrow

    Day at the capital fighting for iowa!!!!

    Trump train!!
  13. letemgrow

    No-Till/No-Herbicide: Is it possible?

    You could also try a fall burn and then drill in some winter rye grain if cool season grasses aren't prevalent. Herbicides would definitely make the start up much easier.
  14. letemgrow


    A lot of guys on here use this source. https://www.treeproshelters.com/
  15. letemgrow

    CWD thoughts……

    It’s definitely that There were more 4.5 and older bucks in my area this year than any I’ve known before. The pics/kills off my farm and my neighbors were impressive. The bucks that didn’t get shot this year make next year look even better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. letemgrow

    February Hunting season…. Found my target!!!!

    Looks like he has a cell phone in his hand. Any chance to track that through a tower?
  17. letemgrow

    The cedar tree project with a tree shear w/grapple

    The native forb explosion with the increased sunlight will be welcomed by the wildlife.
  18. letemgrow

    CWD thoughts……

    There was a youtube video out there that I watched a while back saying how CWD was nullified when they supplemented some nutrient/mineral to the deer. I can't find that video now or have any idea on the validity to it, but it was interesting from what I remember.
  19. letemgrow

    CWD thoughts……

    I'm in the middle of that Mercer County zone and can't say that I've seen a difference with the population/quality even after all the shooting they've done for the past ~ 4 years. There was that one positive mature buck that was found and not a single one after that out of the hundreds of deer...
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