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  1. streitl

    DNR Wildlife Rules: ICN Public Meeting, Feb 24, 2016, 6 -9 PM

    I think one topic that could use some discussion is clarification on minerals and baiting. It's obviously had some high-profile news in recent days. I think it's worth discussing. Also, the use of crossbows during archery season should continue to be limited to only those with a doctor's...
  2. streitl


    I had similar happen to my field. I was planning on hitting it with atrazine and roundup in early April at first green up.
  3. streitl

    SW Iowa any place or person who tunes bows?

    Big Oak Archery in Glenwood. I bought my bow there a few years back and take it there every year to get tuned.
  4. streitl

    Pheasant Hunt

    Me and some buddies from college get together every year to go on a pheasant hunt. The last several years we've went to game farms due to the low numbers. We're again considering a game farm this year. We'll be staying in south central Iowa and I was looking for recommendations. Looking for that...
  5. streitl

    What to plant

    The best advice I could give is to read through the dbltree threads regarding the cereal grains and brassicas. It's a good mix that isn't too expensive to put in. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but if you can dig into the threads, you should be able to figure it out. it took a couple...
  6. streitl


    I echo what a lot of these guys said. Buy it by yourself if you can - no one to disagree with about how to manage the place. If I had to do it all again, I would buy something with more income potential. I say that not only to help with payments, but also when it is paid off, it's making me...
  7. streitl


    What sort of rates do you use on the clethodim and crop oil per acre?
  8. streitl


    I was late getting my brassicas in. The plot last year was spotty and had a lot of grass come in with it. So I sprayed it this summer, and because it was always too wet, I didn't get it disced until last night. Worked until dark. Then this morning, in the sprinkling rain, i seeded it and rolled...
  9. streitl

    The Beginning Years, 1993, Old pics, 1st deer and article

    That's awesome Skip! The classic riding pose is nice. Well written article. But don't worry, the big names in hunting journalism are bound to call any day. In all seriousness, pretty cool to have those photos and memories.
  10. streitl

    Native Warm Season Grass

    I wish I had got a plateau tolerant mix. I don't believe mine is however. The farmer who mowed it for me has put in CRP for years, and he has a new planting this year as well. This is mowed at probably 6" or so. I know it's a little shorter than what Paul recommended (8-12" if I recall). I...
  11. streitl

    Native Warm Season Grass

    I had a neighbor with a batwing mower come over this morning and mow my NWSG planting. I seeded it all down in march of this year. A lot of weeds had grown up, but the wildlife was using it quite a bit. Depending on what we get for moisture, I'll probably need him to come back a couple more...
  12. streitl

    Fort Dodge Hunting

    Lots of good advice already given here TH. And if I was going to give you advice, I would echo many of the things that's already been written. But I won't give you advice because you didn't ask for it. Instead, to answer your question... There is some good habitat around fort dodge. However...
  13. streitl

    Help on my fall food plots

    Does your first dose kill everything? What sort of rates are you using per acre on the roundup? Generally, I try to be around 2 quarts per acre of the 41% glyphosate available at a bomgaars or tractor supply.
  14. streitl

    The old way...

    Well said Nick. In the end, for me it boils down to enjoying what I do. For me, it's practically a year-round season. Between archery league in the winter, TSI, NWSG establishment, tree plantings, food plots, hanging stands, etc, etc it's just doesn't end. I like to shoot big deer, and would...
  15. streitl


    Is it too late to spray a roundup/atrazine mix on a field of CIR I fost seeded this past January? I killed the sod with gly and oust last fall. There are a few spots I missed that definitely need the roundup now.
  16. streitl

    Apple Trees

    I have planted goldrush and enterprise because they are disease resistant and late ripening. But I also go with other disease-resistant varieties like galarina and querina.
  17. streitl

    Direct Seeding Tree Planting

    I've done a little reading on direct seeding walnuts to market for timber. For the money spent, if you get much of anything out of it in 40 years, then it's a great return on investment. However, I just wonder what the odds are that there will be much value to many of the trees that make it...
  18. streitl

    Tree Planting

    What height of cedars are you guys transplanting by hand? I've got a couple areas I'd like to add a few rows of cedars and a neighbor who I'm sure would let me take all the cedars I'd care to move. I was thinking between 6-12"?
  19. streitl

    Broadcast corn

    You guys who have done it, did it develop decent ears? I'm not looking for 200 bushel corn by any means, but want it to be worth my time.
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