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    Challenges Logging a farm

    Have you logged off soft maples before or is this the first time? Was it bottom ground? Asking because I have 30ac of wide open river bottoms that's almost exclusively mature silver maple. Have been chewing on the idea of cutting it, but just have no experience with what type of succession...
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    90:10 Project

    Who can we get on here to pull some strings for more 90:10 Project content on YouTube? One year tree planting follow up?? Other project quick vids? The handful that are up are all great. Love seeing how others go about deer projects and if they were success/failures. Skip?
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    Norway spruce tree planting issues

    I think it means too wet. I have seen the same thing in mine in the lower areas. They seem to grow through it though
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    New cams ???

    The J/G link cuddes are VERY moody with height and angle for detection, with a very fine sweet spot. They no doubt miss pics from my experience, but the link plan for farms with many cams is hard to beat. That's what I use them for. It does seem like a lot have issues that come out right...
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    What u doing now deer hunting related?

    Planting trees, knocking on doors, and hanging stands. For me, it seems fall success happens now until green up
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    Observation from hunting Illinois and change with crossbows allowed for full Archery Season.

    Outside of large, managed blocks, this is just simply not true.
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    Observation from hunting Illinois and change with crossbows allowed for full Archery Season.

    IL Resident here, There is not one single positive that has come of the crossgun. It has been totally devastating to the buck herd statewide. There are MORE deer hunters than ever, now able to spend more days in the woods than EVER. The speed that quality has declined is worse than any of you...
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    ISO Shingle Oaks

    Maybe a Pin Oak, especially if its lower ground. Still wont retain leaves quite like a Shingle though
  9. S

    Switchgrass seed

    Have you planted the RC Big Rock prior?
  10. S

    Norway spruce plugs (group buy)

    Interesting. I am in a low density area as well and they do not touch a norway. White Pines on the other hand don't stand a chance. How tall are your 5yo Norways? OP - you can probably find sub $1.25 bare roots from IA DNR or one of many nurseries in MI or WI.
  11. S


    Agreed on everything. I have done both - the TreePro style is a massive pain and ridiculously time consuming if you are doing more than a few, but can open them later to weed etc. Miracle Tubes are 100x more user friendly, and you can still slide them up to weed if need be. I will never use...
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    Controlled Timber Burns

    I understand the benefits and why guys do it - but the few times I've done it it's seemed rather counterproductive. Completely opens the understory and fries any young growth. Has always seemed like a southern pine woods guy thing
  13. S

    ISO Shingle Oaks

    It will most likely be tiered similar to this but Mother Nature pending. Will share more details shortly
  14. S

    ISO Shingle Oaks

    Not sure if you still have these in your plans for '24, but I have a nursery in MI that will have bare root shingle oaks ready for order this summer for spring '24 delivery. $150 MOQ. I'll be getting several hundred most likely. Will share more info once received
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    NWSG CRP Planting: Broadcast Spreader??

    I have the same exact one but was told the fluffy seed wouldnt flow even with the agitator, so you have to mix it with cracked corn, oats, etc. (carrier). Did you just seed it heavy? I am imagining it tough to hit some of these 4-6lb/ac targets by itself.
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    SF 175- Ravin Crossbows Lobbying for eventual full crossbow use…

    Well said. Have seen it with my own eyes in IL. It is truly heartbreaking to see how fast free crossgun use devastates the herd. Pray it doesn't sink its teeth into Iowa too
  17. S

    Chinese Balloon in US airspace?

    Can their kitchen tables afford to go to war? Last I knew they relied heavily on food imports to stay afloat. Especially raw ag commodities.
  18. S

    Question on Frost Seeding into tall grass.

    Wont work to a degree that will be worth your time or money unless you can nuke that grass and clear the thatch somehow.
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    NWSG CRP Planting: Broadcast Spreader??

    What did you use as a carrier?
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