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Search results

  1. shadowpeople

    Palmetto state armory reviews

    I've built 3 of them, and they have all gone together great.. Accuracy was respectable, and never had a malfunction. I'd give them two thumbs up, especially for how affordable their deals are.
  2. shadowpeople

    Public service announcement

    My oldest was born same day, the 17th.
  3. shadowpeople

    Muzzleloading - Pellets to powder

    You either have one or not. A regular plug doesn't have a cavity for powder to sit in closer to the primer, and is solid except the flash hole to the breech face. A BH plug is like imagine someone took a 1/4" drill and drilled a hole from the powder side through the flash hole closer to the...
  4. shadowpeople

    Assessment of CWD prion shedding in deer saliva with occupancy modeling

    I had a response all typed up, nearly identical to what Sligh posted. Not the first time I engaged Terry in regards to these medical professional speak posts. In fact, I quit even reading them a long time ago. His posts are just beyond frustrating. Maybe I'm just ignorant, or illiterate...
  5. shadowpeople

    All day sits

    It's a mental game. You just have to take it hour by hour. Just when you are getting bored because you aren't seeing anything, remember it can all change in seconds. 1. I ration halloween candy throughout the day. Give myself a "treat" if you will every hour or so. Helps having something extra...
  6. shadowpeople

    Your worst mistake

    I see a lot of "got out of the stand about 20 minutes early figuring nothing was going to happen". I don't understand this at all? The thought of getting out of the stand and missing the last 20 minutes is like the most bizzare idea to me. I realize this is a thread of mistakes, but I know so...
  7. shadowpeople

    If you have only 7 days to hunt......

    November 12th has been the best day for me all the time. So I usually hunt the days before and after if it doesn't happen by the 12th. But, as you start to have luck during a certain period, you tend to hunt that period more or exclusively, and don't really have the insight on the other days...
  8. shadowpeople

    Technical Bow Questions - 2 different - Close shot penetration & "brace height"

    Bow forgiveness is kind of a myth in my opinion on bows these days. The only thing I believe that has merit is that it is easier to hit your arm with the string on a shorter brace height bow. Think about a bow with less brace height, it is a "speed bow" most generally with very harsh draw...
  9. shadowpeople

    Broadheads For Sale

    All new, in original packaging. Never been shot. 1. 3PK - QAD Exodus (Full Blade) 125 grain 2. 3PK - D.R.T. HD 150 grain, or 175 with removable weight Asking $20 each plus shipping. Use PayPal, unless you're real close to Fort Dodge.
  10. shadowpeople

    Tired of the ol' whisker biscuit

    Had an intermittent issue with my QAD not dropping every time. Switched to the Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro, and haven't looked back. Been a great rest for me.
  11. shadowpeople

    1000 Rounds of Wolf 223

    Sent you a PM.
  12. shadowpeople

    Pole saw/Tree trimmer

    I bought a Fiskars one from bomgaars the other week for trimming shooting lanes as we put up a few stands that weekend. It was the orange fiberglass handled 8-14' model, with the rope pruner (I took the rope off however). It worked awesome. Very sharp, and did a great job. ~$60
  13. shadowpeople

    Gear help for Colorado backpack elk hunt

    1. Good boots (I like Meindl boots) 2. Merino Wool (First Lite is a good choice) - no/minimal stink no matter how much you sweat in it compared to synthetics which develop their own kind of funk. 3. Look at duluth trading buck naked underwear, or exoffocio*sp travel underwear, they are pretty...
  14. shadowpeople

    Some traditional archery pics

    Thanks for sharing. Great pics as always. Someday I'll hang up the wheels and go with the stick.
  15. shadowpeople

    Shrink Fletch

    They do work in a pinch. I got good arrow flight with them. They definitely work better with the larger arrows compared to some of the newer ultra small diameter arrows out there, unless they have a different version for them now. Definitely don't work as well as traditional fletching of...
  16. shadowpeople

    thumb release?

    Can't really go wrong with a carter. I have a couple Chocolate Addictions that I like. I like both the 3 and 4 finger models.
  17. shadowpeople

    Truck Toppers

    I'm considering getting a topper for my 2011 Toyota Tundra. I've never bought a topper before, or had one on my truck, but feel like it would be great to have, especially during the hunting seasons and through the winter for ice fishing etc... Beings I've never really looked into them, or know...
  18. shadowpeople


    To the contrary, in the past couple of years, I have seen far fewer boxelder bugs and the asian beetles at my residence. Maybe it's just region specific, and you are in a bad spot? I do agree that Tempo, while expensive, certainly does wonders. Absolute carnage, and safe to spray in and around...
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