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Search results

  1. Shoot2Kill

    6.5' vs. 5.5' box

    I'll second you on the Toyota. Bought a Tundra crew max last spring after driving a Silverado my whole adult life. I'll never go back! The crew max with reclining seats is priceless for my boys. I love it when we are all 4 in the truck and nobody feels cramped. The truck will tow a house...
  2. Shoot2Kill

    My Taxidermy Experience

    Sorry to hear about that, I had a similar experience with a rack mount back when I was new to hunting and from the point forward Ive mounted most if my own mounts. Fan mounts are really quite simple to do, even if you've never done one. Sounds like its still salvageable. Call Walnut Creek...
  3. Shoot2Kill

    South Central Iowa Mule Deer

    Wouldnt be too hard to get a decent set of mulie antlers to put on it - or why not have it mounted with the real antlers?? Who cares if its small - its a mulie in iowa!
  4. Shoot2Kill

    Looking for opinions on morning hunts

    You can buy headlamps that come with a red light for about $15 at Walmart. I use them all fishing season at night.
  5. Shoot2Kill

    Bigger than any whitetail I've shot

    Yes!! Awesome Kaare!!
  6. Shoot2Kill

    05 Chevy Suburban - $6,900

    Limb - anything else besides the AC need repaired? Any leaks? I need more room with my boys when we take the boat and the cost of new vehicles makes me want to vomit - heck even used trucks with under 100k miles is rediculous.
  7. Shoot2Kill

    Cameras stolen

    Yes I deer hunt. Seems like a waste of $$ to me if you know there are problems with thieves. Yes Im "being for real"....whatever that means. Is it worth the trade off wondering if every time you check your cams if they'll still be there? Are these cameras that are being stolen in a lock...
  8. Shoot2Kill

    Trophy Room.

    Removed post - duplicate for some reason.
  9. Shoot2Kill

    Trophy Room.

    Great thread Kaare. Those bucks are sick, I love that hog you passed as a 190. I have quite a bit of stuff from AK I could share if you don't mind me tagging onto your thread? Living up there was a dream I had for a long time and it would be fun to share.
  10. Shoot2Kill

    Cameras stolen

    If it is such a problem, why leave them out this time of year? Seems like a no brainer.
  11. Shoot2Kill

    New Mount 2012 Buck.

    Mancave is jaw dropping with those bucks Kaare, awesome. Will never forget the pics of that buck 2nd from the right a few years back - HOG!!!!!!
  12. Shoot2Kill

    antler auctions and mounting questions

    Just looked up your post - good grief! Unless you had 6 starving children to feed you would regret selling that set for the rest of your life! You and most on this forum will most likely never find another one like that 120 - keep them just the way they are! Mount a replica set, but keep...
  13. Shoot2Kill

    Antler Repair?

    2 completely different skills that have nothing to do with each other.
  14. Shoot2Kill

    A Herd of Bobcats

    Awesome pic!!!!
  15. Shoot2Kill

    Shotgunners - THINK FIRST

    I grew up in Iowa, moved away, landed in MN thinking the deer hunting would be close to the same as what I remember from IA before I moved. I was not prepared for what I slowly figured out - since I've lived here (central MN) the population has struggled year after year and for the last few...
  16. Shoot2Kill

    Uber Slob

    I caught a 48 two weeks ago that we know for a fact has been caught 3 times since last october, same spot, same bait. She has a big white scar on her right jaw we have pics of.
  17. Shoot2Kill

    2012 Bow Buck Back From Taxi (Reinertson Custom Taxidermy)

    Great video Chris - thats crazy about seeing Rookie at the end!
  18. Shoot2Kill

    Girlyfriend Gets'r Done

    Hell yes that is awesome!! I'd say you have a keeper!
  19. Shoot2Kill

    Got my turkey mount back

    HOOOOOLY MOLY! By far the best turkey mounts I've ever seen. The feather placement like that is extremely difficult to do......wow. Love the head too!!!!
  20. Shoot2Kill

    Interesting read.....

    This is f'ing insane. I am so sick and tired of the majority getting F'd because the stupidity/ignorance of the minority. I feel bad for that dairy farmer - he thought he was doing the right thing but wasn't prepared for fatty magee. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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