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Search results

  1. V

    Turkey Season

    Cool!! plus one on loving the hero shot!! Awesome!
  2. V

    VBALLHNTR - 2016 Contest Turkey

    I believe the first picture is of him having his way with my Jake decoy after he had "finished" with the dead bird and the hen!
  3. V

    VBALLHNTR - 2016 Contest Turkey

    my side of the story Thanks to my partner for getting this post up! This is "my side of the story"!! This was a last day of second season bird, from my go to spot for when I have not pre scouted a bird, with a permanent blind all set up and ready to go!! I will also have to admit that I did...
  4. V

    VBALLHNTR - 2016 Contest Turkey

    I don't see the picture of my sweet mug!! Is there a pic with the post?? I will fill everyone in on my adventures tomorrow!
  5. V

    2nd Season Bird

    great job partner!!
  6. V

    2016 Turkey Contest - TEAM THREAD

    Can QDMA (Bream) and I (VBallhuntr) still get in...spaced this off until now! Getting ready to head out this afternoon and thought about it!
  7. V

    Double Split 10

    very cool story! Congrats
  8. V

    Trent downs Countdown!

    Awesome Job... great story! Great Buck!
  9. V

    One for Dad - pics and story added

    Awesome deer, Awesome story! congrats! very sweet deal!
  10. V

    Wtb .300 wm

    I also have a .300 win mag... Browning abolt composite stalker 26" barrel, it has a leupold vxIII on it right now and would sell with or without it. also have a decent amount of ammo for it if someone was interested. Nice gun just don't use it
  11. V

    Nov. 9th Iowa Archery Buck

    great buck! congrats.
  12. V

    5 year old MN buck

    Awesome pics! Great buck... I have a two and a half year old son also and he is getting on me about shooting a "big buck" too! I can totally relate! Congrats
  13. V

    BBD in Southeast Iowa

    Very cool! Congrats
  14. V

    BPE Arrow Fletcher

    I have a BPE arrow fletcher for sale, left helical clamp, can fletch 3 or 4 arrows or vanes, has only been used once or twice... just don't need it, have a buddy who fletches the few arrows I need done! $80 new $40 or make me an offer... perfect time of year to get some arrows ready!
  15. V

    Platte River Sunrise

    Those are beautiful! awesome pics!
  16. V

    IW Decal Give Away

    Sign me up!!
  17. V

    4th season bird--finally

    I finally connected on a bird 4th season. With a new baby thrown in the mix and a few near misses, I was beginning to think it wasn't going to be my year, but that all changed when this beauty walked into the field we were set up in! He came out and we watched him work two hens for over and hour...
  18. V

    Party Hunting

    I think it would be interesting to see how the responses/feelings on this subject break down between landowners who don't "party" hunt and people who don't own their own ground or do and "party" hunt. I have a feeling it would be interesting.
  19. V

    River's West clothing

    I agree the Rivers West is great stuff, for treestand hunting and such around here, I have some and it is warm and windproof but definately does not breathe well! Very good product for cool/cold weather!
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