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Search results

  1. Copenhagen Tob

    Little surprising

    Holy Cats,That's alotta snow
  2. Copenhagen Tob

    New cams ???

    Whatever happened to buckeye cams, had a customer almost 20 years ago that had a system similar to cuddy link way back then , pics went to a base that he could log on to internationally, he was a pilot
  3. Copenhagen Tob

    Shed hunting permit

    Spot on, more regulation is the last thing this country needs
  4. Copenhagen Tob

    New cams ???

    I love the longevity of reconyx. Hoping they come out with something to compete with cuddy link
  5. Copenhagen Tob

    New cams ???

    Were, there any new camers systems unveiled at the classic ? Wondering what the latest tech is out there other than cell cams , I figured there'd be something similar to cuddle j series, but newer technology
  6. Copenhagen Tob

    Superb bear mount

    That's a great looking animal, nice work
  7. Copenhagen Tob

    Best Muzzleloader Bullet?

    Poor excuses, fair weather???? Sounds more like poor comprehension of what we are discussing, which is bullet drop in sub zero conditions.Thanks for the genius idea of cleaning a muzzleloader barrel though.
  8. Copenhagen Tob

    Best Muzzleloader Bullet?

    Very interesting I didn't know that could happen. I took a shot this winter at my #1, shot was way low ,clean miss 110 yds on a brutal -10 day, i had left the gun in unheated blind so it was cold cold, brought muzzle loader home put in house shot the next day. It was right on . Shot felt great...
  9. Copenhagen Tob

    Iowa Deer Classic Video 2023

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing
  10. Copenhagen Tob

    Trailer for hunting blind

    Find farm auctions with small older equipment on the bill, most of these light running gears are obsolete to the modern farming world , I've bought plenty of them cheap. Might be a rusty gravity box, who cares scrap the box , build off the gear
  11. Copenhagen Tob

    Trailer for hunting blind

    Old flat hay racks are pretty reasonably priced, unless you need to travel at high speeds
  12. Copenhagen Tob


    I'm heading to cook county late April or early may to look for paddles, maybe I can find them up there or Along the way, thanks
  13. Copenhagen Tob


    What's you're thoughts on them do the deer utilize them?
  14. Copenhagen Tob


    Ok I'll take a drive and look for em, I was gonna purchase through ia forestry but they have been out of stock for awhile
  15. Copenhagen Tob


    Does anyone have a source for red osier dogwood cuttings
  16. Copenhagen Tob

    Day at the capital fighting for iowa!!!!

    Thank you for all you do Skip
  17. Copenhagen Tob

    Fishing Superbowl Squares

    Whoa, those are some nice fish
  18. Copenhagen Tob

    I HATE COYOTES!!!!!!!!

    What part of Kansas were you hunting, my son and I are thinking about a road trip to Kansas to coyote hunt in the next week or so
  19. Copenhagen Tob

    Predator Camo Heavy Fleece set

    I sent you a message
  20. Copenhagen Tob

    Boston ivy

    Does Anybody have any experience with other vine plants that might work for cover
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