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Search results

  1. Hardwood11

    Day at the Capitol- CROSSBOWS- Action on writing in!!!! PASS THIS ON!!!!

    I sure hope it’s stopped. No state would feel the negative impact of crossbows more than Iowa!
  2. Hardwood11

    What age bucks get biggest- quick IW Video…

    I shot a rare 6 or 7 year old buck this year in Minnesota with the bow . His rack was slightly bigger in 21… but he got noticeably bigger in years 5 & 6…or 6 & 7. I’m not positive on the age . They don’t get this old very often in my area.
  3. Hardwood11

    Tree Planting

    Are you getting acorns off those ?
  4. Hardwood11


    Will they be able to get crops in ? Has to be a concern up there . The long range forecast is not very good !
  5. Hardwood11

    Seeing a lot of these….

    Definitely moving right now !
  6. Hardwood11

    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    I would guess .. just a guess that the state that hunters register bucks the most often is Wisconsin. Least often Iowa or South Dakota . Iowa would probably be #1 if the just did a tally !
  7. Hardwood11

    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    I’m surprised Minnesota is 7th … Makes you just think of the possibilities if they moved the gun season back 2 weeks, and a few other tweeks to tags.
  8. Hardwood11

    QUIET KAT BIKE REVIEW- horribly disappointed!!!

    I see the point. Depends on the situation. For me, driving in after dark seems safer in a side by side , second it’s already there to haul the deer out if I shoot one ! To each it’s own. Most of the time I walk anyway. Good exercise!
  9. Hardwood11

    QUIET KAT BIKE REVIEW- horribly disappointed!!!

    Curious why you guys would not just buy a electric Side by side ? The trailer issue? Man I’d go that route, in almost all cases !
  10. Hardwood11

    Norway spruce tree planting issues

    It doesn’t mean they won’t survive ! They might take off !
  11. Hardwood11

    Midwest Habitat- 2023 Happenings

    I’d love to do that in Minnesota, but one of my farms borders a highway. ..The highway department would not allow it. They cut almost every ditch for hay Gravel township roads might be a different story ?Not sure on that ?
  12. Hardwood11

    Midwest Habitat- 2023 Happenings

    Is that in a road right away ? Borders your land ?
  13. Hardwood11

    New cams ???

    Tactacam Solar is pretty nice ! Good pics, good/fair trigger speed and no batteries needed. It’s a great cam for an out of state land owner.
  14. Hardwood11

    Land prices / insane!!!

    That’s probably WRP or RIM… permanent easement. No building, no income and possibly limits trails and deer stands.
  15. Hardwood11

    Land prices / insane!!!

    The all timber and rec parcels will correct down… just don’t get caught with high loans and no income !! Farm land may go down as well or simply stay the same, but that could take a drop in corn & soybeans. Higher interest has to have impact eventually. It’s makes no sense. History says it...
  16. Hardwood11

    Des Moines metro v Iowa City metro

    At least you don’t have to deal Minneapolis/St Paul
  17. Hardwood11

    New cams ???

    Spypoint Flex has been solid for me … $99 and it has great trigger speed & distance … Good cell cam, that gets reception about anywhere. Plus the 100 free pics option .. or 250 for $5. You can also pay $99 a year and get 250 pics on each camera.
  18. Hardwood11

    Land prices / insane!!!

    I think you could find a farm for 5k acre, slightly more. If you are open to a new location.
  19. Hardwood11

    Mitch Rompola buck

    Ask Skip he’s a old Michigan guy! He used to see a lot of world class bucks in Michigan!;) From an outsider looking in, I am sure they could have determined if it’s was legit .. fairly easily ??
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