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Search results

  1. kelcher

    Reg publish date

    Don't have Facebook and it isn't an emergency. Just wondering
  2. kelcher

    Reg publish date

    Hey guys, you have probably posted this, but I couldn't find it with a quick search. When will the DNR publish new regs again?
  3. kelcher

    Land prices / insane!!!

    So if you had an opportunity to buy the great neighbor's riverbottom ground and prevent a new potential rotten neighbor for $3k/acre would you do it?
  4. kelcher

    Coon Trapping Kits

    Dogproofs and dry cat food like others said. Took out about 40 this past fall, but I'm sure new ones will move in
  5. kelcher

    Iowa Bobcat Trapping

    Can't kill them in my county, but have any of you had luck catching bobcats this year in Iowa?
  6. kelcher

    Late November Bow Buck- fun hunt!!

    Nice one!
  7. kelcher

    What is it?

    If he drinks PBR he is tough . . .
  8. kelcher

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Last 5 sits I've seen double digit does with no followers. Only saw one buck bigger than a fork horn and he was only 2.5. Cameras not showing much either. Big boys are definitely somewhere else.
  9. kelcher

    Views from the stand 2022-23

    Turkeys are raising hell this morning
  10. kelcher

    Jared Mills leaving Midwest Whitetail

    Did you see Jared's new hunts on YouTube? Search for his name.
  11. kelcher

    Alex's 1st archery deer

    Nice one, way to go!
  12. kelcher

    Wait for it… “6 + 10.5 + 25-30” “

    Way cool, but weird lookin'.
  13. kelcher

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    So far today, 11-7, I saw 13 does in the morning with only one 2.5 year old chasing. This afternoon only saw a single 2.5 year old.
  14. kelcher

    All day sits

    All day sits suck . . . . But like said above, on the right day they can be golden. Never had one really workout for me either though.
  15. kelcher

    Mark scores

    Good lookin buck. Congrats
  16. kelcher

    First sit of the year buck!

    Can't argue with that one! Congrats
  17. kelcher

    Killed a decent 10

    Nice one, congrats
  18. kelcher

    Views from the stand 2022-23

    Who said they will be running all over after the rain stops? Pretty dead here.
  19. kelcher

    Tackett scores a good one

    Dang, nice one! Congrats
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