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Search results

  1. ArcheryHunter

    bear hunting question

    Two outfitters I can personally recommend are Bear Track in Manitoba or Gary Simon outfitting in Saskatchewan. Gary Simon has some great fishing also.
  2. ArcheryHunter

    Grey Wolf Woolens

    Its on the inside.
  3. ArcheryHunter


    Thanks for the information DT, always appreciate the help.
  4. ArcheryHunter


    Frost Seeding Clover I've got a small 1/4 acre area cleared in a section of timber. It should get adequate sunlight so i'm not too concerned with that. I want to put down pellitized lime and some 6/24/24 also. Can I frost seed the lime and fertilizer with the clover seed?
  5. ArcheryHunter

    Great Gun Debate read

    Good read.
  6. ArcheryHunter

    Trail cams

    Totally agree with that.
  7. ArcheryHunter

    Converting open ground to bedding

    I've got a 4 acre field that borders some timber. It's bottom ground and has a few cedar tree's but is mostly open. My plan is to turn this into a bedding area, primarily for does (or whatever wants to stay there). I already have plenty of food plot space and am definately short on...
  8. ArcheryHunter


    I love the Sitka gear. Have quite a bit of the older stuff and the fit is great. I picked up a stratus jacket, bibs, and beani and have worn it down to 28 degree's with a single layer of wool underneath. It's been close to perfect the last few weeks.
  9. ArcheryHunter

    Did a little glassing last night

    One of the properties I hunt borders a river. Since the water is so low, I use it as a means of traveling from one end of the property to another. It's a perfect place to get to a spot and climb the bank to see what's in the pick corn fields. In the process, I found 2 dead does and a dead buck...
  10. ArcheryHunter

    Picture of the only way Ozonics works

    I agree 100% Not sure why ripping on others is becoming such a sport here and on other forums. Mention Ozonics, Broadheads, or even shooting dogs, seems to wind some people up. If the post isn't something you agree with, be respectful and move on.
  11. ArcheryHunter

    Deer Decoys, Pro's and Con's

    I've heard the same thing, don't surprise them. I've got a spot on the edge of a field that seems to be a central location for turkey and deer. We setup a blind in that spot and had 3 birds in 3 trips. Total hunting time 5-6 hours. I'm thinking that location wise, it may have the same draw...
  12. ArcheryHunter

    Deer Decoys, Pro's and Con's

    For those that use or have used a deer decoys, what's your opinion on them? I've used them in the past and had mixed results but want to try them again. Does seem to snort at them and i've had mature bucks circle around them and continue on their way. Seems all the TV hunters use them with great...
  13. ArcheryHunter

    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max

    I use a 2011 black flash and some of the older 2009 red flash and love them. I did pick up 2 of the 2012 black flash but haven't put them out yet. Hopefully i'll be one of the lucky ones and have good cams...not likely though.
  14. ArcheryHunter

    My now favorite mineral site..

    This has always been a good lick to get mature buck pics, but this year is much better. Not sure why, but enjoy...
  15. ArcheryHunter

    hook-style releases

    The hook styles are great. I use a couple different Carter ones that won't fit in your budget so I can't recommend one to you. Hook style releases are easy and quick to connect to your loop.
  16. ArcheryHunter

    Nice Bachelor Group....

    I have several pics of these guys but this one is my favorite, hanging out by the mineral site.
  17. ArcheryHunter

    Eating Your Turkey

    Turkey jerky
  18. ArcheryHunter

    Best combination of sprays for Red Cedar

    So if grass is my only issue, Clethodim/crop oil will be safe to spray around the cedars and pines?
  19. ArcheryHunter

    South Dakota??

    Not necessary. Some of the spots are a little odd for sure. What bothered me is how trashy some of his areas are. A few locations are quite scenic and full of birds. I haven't made the trip in 4 years or so and probably won't again.
  20. ArcheryHunter

    South Dakota??

    I've hunted with Double K several times in the past. Not a fancy setup but they will put you on birds.
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