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Search results

  1. H

    % SHED? Updated…

    I found 4 Sunday and all had been chewed on and they haven't been on the ground for more than a week as they are on my camera check atv trail. I have seen alot of shed bucks on camera and scouting but I finally saw a half rack yesterday.
  2. H

    The cedar tree project with a tree shear w/grapple

    I'm looking forward to this piece as I am starting on my own cedar project.
  3. H

    Wolf in Northern Iowa??

    I am from the area and the picture shows a guy holding what look like a wolf. Called in North of Springbrook and shot with a thermal scope. DNR has it now.
  4. H

    Buck Parade

    Those type of photos make it all worthwhile!
  5. H

    This Deer Looks Familiar…

    Nice, growing big deer finally pays off!!
  6. H

    Rut timing/warm weather hunts.

    Nov 8 and 9 have been the best for me and the cam pictures.
  7. H

    2021: Strange deer year to date: My observations

    Same for me, worst year ever for bucks on camera, makes me feel better its not just in my area.
  8. H

    Tactacam Reveal X

    Just got one and putting out today. You can use it just like a regular game camera.
  9. H

    % dropped antlers? Part of state, deer #’s & food?

    1/3 dropped in western iowa on my farm, coming to the corn fields.
  10. H

    The “survivors” & leaving cams up...

    I keep running cameras and I have a injured hoofed buck that has shed, one half rack but the others are still fully horned. I did have a buck last week that crossed the road in front of me with one antler and then lost the other side when he jumped the fence into the corn field. Found it the...
  11. H

    I've talked to quite a few.......

    Poachers have always got their deer but now with thermal scopes they are harder to catch. I still see plenty of deer just nothing I want to shoot where I hunt but I think the colder weather earlier in the season got the deer use to it earlier and now their bodies have slowed their metabolism...
  12. H


    SW Iowa slow this am with 2 bucks (1 young and 1 older) and a doe and 2 fawns. Wind changed and has picked up. Going to an observation stand as I still haven't seen a buck I want to shoot yet.
  13. H

    Got it done early this year

    Nice one, he will look good on the wall!!!
  14. H

    Monroe County Buck- 10/13/19

    Nice pictures!!
  15. H

    DWGH Farm Projects Thread 2019

    How big is your drill and what is that tractors horsepower? I am looking for a drill.
  16. H


    The county killed the foliage spraying for weeds and thistles.
  17. H

    Canada fishing questions

    I will be a couple hours North of you on Pakwash during he last week of May. Jigs with minnow/leech will work. Worms also depending on how early the spring is this year. For pike, casting is fun but for the big ones we use frozen chubs on a bobbers around the rocks near egg laying bays. Been...
  18. H

    Who’s plots look as good as mine?? NOBODY!!

    Did you put down any nitrogen with them?
  19. H

    Need help identifying this creature.

    That is a coyote.
  20. H

    AR for coyote hunting

    I have a Rock River 223 that is a tack driver but it has a bull barrell and is too hard to hold for off hand shots and running shots so I broke down and ordered the new Savage MSR15 in 224 Valkyrie. This will be my calling rifle and long range gun. If it fails I will go back to my trusty 25-06...
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