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Search results

  1. northcedar

    NEW B&C rankings…. By state..

    To Skip and IBH83, you were both part of a couple world class bucks being taken the past couple years, and I believe they were both officially scored. Were they not entered, and if not, why? Just curious. Why officially score them and showcase them and not enter them? I get the aspect of...
  2. northcedar

    Mitch Rompola buck

    But he craved the attention before and after. As stated, he did articles, endorsements, interviews, and had a "rompolawhitetails" website. The recluse argument is null and void.
  3. northcedar

    Mitch Rompola buck

    Mitch was such a stone cold ethical killing machine he staged sheds on does...
  4. northcedar

    Mitch Rompola buck

    Before I read any replies other than the original post... the Rompola buck is a fake!!! The dude is a total fraud. End of story. I feel sorry for the people who believe it or became believers recently, like the new FB group that is filled with newbs who also believe in Santa.
  5. northcedar

    CWD thoughts……

    It's a good population management tool for the state (IL in my case). Probably keeps some guys employed and some grants and funds flowing.
  6. northcedar

    $ Ruining Hunting? 2 different issues….

    Guys have wanted a big buck forever. Maybe it can be argued that cameras have ruined deer hunting. Get yourself a copy of Dawn of American Deer Hunting. In it are hundreds if not thousands of black and white pics of proud hunts and large bucks. It's not a new phenomenon.
  7. northcedar

    $ Ruining Hunting? 2 different issues….

    And by the way, several days ago I "liked" your comment over on the Disheartening thread.
  8. northcedar

    $ Ruining Hunting? 2 different issues….

    Sorry if I'm wrong. But then I don't totally get your gripe. The point I made was that the most popular deer hunting magazine from 31 years ago showed the "sport" had already changed in a big way. Skip was right, IMO.
  9. northcedar

    $ Ruining Hunting? 2 different issues….

    The reason it went to pay was for guys like you, the entitled ones who never had to pay a penny, couldn't care less about farm owners property taxes even. Good on them for making you have a little skin in the game. I have friends who have always had the same mentality, "you don't pay for...
  10. northcedar

    $ Ruining Hunting? 2 different issues….

    Just grabbed my Sept 92 NAW magazine. Beginning on page 1 it's nothing but ads. Pgs 1-6 have Weatherby rifles, Browning rifles and slug guns, scrapedrippers and taxidermy lessons, browning clothing, majestic big buck artwork, elevated boxblinds and feeders, etc etc. Thumbing thru the pages...
  11. northcedar

    WTB primos double bull blind

    Sorta off topic but what makes these high end blinds better than say a $150 Ameristep bone collector? I bought one of the original double bulls and it lasted about as long as the cheap ones, about 2 years. It was so long ago I just can't really remember what was so "good" about it. Probably...
  12. northcedar

    .350 Legend

    I agree the studies have shown the 450 kicks like a 20 gauge. I bought the cva cascade 450 but haven't shot it yet.
  13. northcedar

    2022-23 PMA Big Buck Contest Top 5 with a Bonus

    Corruption! Great bucks everyone.
  14. northcedar


    My dad and I stopped hunting out of trees. Just saw too many accidents and had a few close calls ourselves. Now my kids are just starting to enter hunting ages. My rule is no treestands, feet on the ground. That leaves plenty of other options. We can hunt in homemade box blinds, lowkey rag...
  15. northcedar


    They actually named their book that? I figured that was a meme. Lol. Freakin doofus
  16. northcedar

    Does I like to see….

    I think she has her seasons off...
  17. northcedar

    .350 Legend

    My son killed a doe with his 350 Legend last weekend. I kept whispering to wait for her to turn broadside, but he apparently got nervous and shot while she was still quartering towards. Very lethal shot, in the shoulder and angled backward. Entry and exit holes were both pencil sized. Found...
  18. northcedar

    Best Locker for sumner sausage

    Anyone have a killer summer sausage recipe you like? I've never made any but want to give it a go.
  19. northcedar

    $48k per acre - iowa farm sold to football players!

    Lol, so more fake news. I wonder when the actual for real story will be told.
  20. northcedar

    Plum thicket

    Mine were not tubed. If you have a big herd I'd probably tube them.
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