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Search results

  1. 203ntyp

    What age bucks get biggest- quick IW Video…

    Agree. From my experience the most important factor for mature buck is to have a sanctuary that never gets disturbed with shed hunting in March the only exception. Even a 5-acre patch is enough if they never get disturbed.
  2. 203ntyp


    At least it's not like California. Hope your deer herd don't suffer too much. I've always been amazed at what they can endure. 50 feet California is really experiencing winter this year. The state has received over 50 feet of snow this winter season, and it’s not done snowing yet, according to...
  3. 203ntyp

    Big Dead Head

    Amazing set of antlers!
  4. 203ntyp

    Tried my hand at trapping for first time

    Pretty impressive for your 1st go at it! I don't know if I'd haul that skunk around though :eek:
  5. 203ntyp

    Mitch Rompola buck

    Thanks for sharing, I'm convinced it's fake for sure!
  6. 203ntyp

    Mitch Rompola buck

    Looks legit to me? https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/mitch-rompola-buck-the-true-backstory-on-why-the-deer-was-never-entered-as-a-world-record/ar-AA18zb6H?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=ed61ead62f314fea9bcb473dcf37c22f&ei=65#image=1
  7. 203ntyp

    Superb bear mount

    Very nice young lady! Heck of a bear and cool mount.
  8. 203ntyp

    What u doing now deer hunting related?

    Aside from shed hunting and putting some minerals out I'll be moving a couple stands and painting a ladder stand in camo for a new location. Also getting new string and cables on my bow so I'll be ready to go this fall. I hate putting stands up in the hot month of August like I normally do...
  9. 203ntyp

    Midwest Habitat- 2023 Happenings

    Great job! Love the video, you'll be a pro!
  10. 203ntyp

    My possible "start up"

    Wow, very nice work Muddy! No wonder you've been quiet on the site ;)
  11. 203ntyp

    History of this site

    That is interesting for sure, definitely confirms October, 1998 launch. I see Daver is an old fart too ;)
  12. 203ntyp

    History of this site

    Yep, he's on the site under another username I believe. I noticed it when he had T-250 for president under his avatar but he changed that. Looked it up and seen it was him, can't remember his new username. at the moment. I know he was booted off the site years ago.
  13. 203ntyp

    History of this site

    OK, now you got my thinking cap on. Some of the other past members I can think of; Shovelbuck Earl E November Cat Medicsnoke Vman Ishedhunt Antlerfreaak
  14. 203ntyp

    1 Buck state In iowa??

    Iowa could be even greater if they had a one buck per season rule like some states!
  15. 203ntyp


    I decided to take a short walk today to look for sheds. No sheds found but I came upon my #1 from this past season. Last pics I had were mid-November. Scored 147 3/8" (8 point), longest g-2 is 13", 33 4/8" of mass and the longest beam was 24 7/8". Never seems to work out on mature buck...
  16. 203ntyp

    20 year wait to get a buck in iowa…

    Worth the wait for sure!
  17. 203ntyp

    History of this site

    Joined in December 2002, yep, OneCam and LimbChicken started it all. Just not sure of the exact timeline. Lots of members over the years, some still here, some not.
  18. 203ntyp

    April breeding

    My guess is March for the last yearlings to get bred. I had an orphaned fawn by the house that we discovered in mid-September. This was after a devastating flood on September 11th that year. We had 21" of rain in 3 1/2 days. My son was down by the creek the beginning of October and after making...
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