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Search results

  1. ShedHunter1

    Double Split 10

    Looks awesome!
  2. ShedHunter1

    brothers buck

    Congrats to your brother!
  3. ShedHunter1

    2015 season recap

    Congrats again Jordan! Awesome season for you guys!
  4. ShedHunter1

    Flintlock Pheasant

    That is awesome Jay!
  5. ShedHunter1

    Shedhunter1's late muzz buck

    It was cold! Almost all the bucks I see late season I have never laid eyes on or no trail cam pictures. After taking care of the coyote and sheds my brother and I regrouped for the last sit. He informed me he seen a pretty big buck cut across open country to a 2-5 acre timber that lays next to...
  6. ShedHunter1


    Congrats Jay!
  7. ShedHunter1

    Got it done Happy New Years

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  8. ShedHunter1

    Private messages

    That's what's showing up on my desktop Muddy.
  9. ShedHunter1

    Private messages

    It won't let me post or put pictures up from photo bucket from the desktop. Smart phone I can.
  10. ShedHunter1

    Black Hills Super Dink

    Great hunt and very cool buck! Congrats
  11. ShedHunter1

    My biggest Bow Kill to date

    Heck of a story and an awesome buck! Congrats!
  12. ShedHunter1

    Double Split 10

    Wow! Great lookin buck! Congrats!
  13. ShedHunter1

    My boy gets it done.

    Congrats to your son! and to get him from the ground! Awesome job!
  14. ShedHunter1

    Brother gets it Done in Kansas

    That is a big 8!! Congrats to your brother!
  15. ShedHunter1

    November 21st 10 point

    Heck of a buck! Congrats!
  16. ShedHunter1

    buck down 11-21

    What a clean 10!! Awesome buck! Congrats!
  17. ShedHunter1

    11-21-15 buck

    Great buck! And awesome photos! Congrats
  18. ShedHunter1

    North of the border bucks

    Awesome pictures Kaare! Thanks for posting.
  19. ShedHunter1

    Rollercoaster 2015- Finally got it done!

    Very cool! Congrats on the hunt!
  20. ShedHunter1

    First Iowa Bowkill

    That is awesome! Congrats
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