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Search results

  1. northcedar

    Brush Honeysuckle

    When I buy Tordon RTU I usually poke a small hole in the foil top and it makes it last a lot longer, less spillage.
  2. northcedar

    NY new record, MASS

    Nice! Yeah it is similar looking to the Franz. I was looking at the scoresheet on the Franz again it's right antler gross typical is 116". Wonder if that's the largest typical antler ever.
  3. northcedar

    What's your unpopular hunting opinion

    As long as we're getting crazy... things that make a great bowhunter - a) no fear of heights b) either no job, or unemployment, or alcoholic who can't stay employed c) don't have a family or don't care about your family. So a recipe for a killer bowhunter is an alchy who is probably...
  4. northcedar

    What's your unpopular hunting opinion

    Show a little respect and get 30 or 40 yards off the neighbors' property lines!
  5. northcedar

    Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!

    I've voted for a few over the years, always only at local levels. Now I will NEVER vote for any D again. If you claim to be a moderate dem, well newsflash, the party turned radically left. You might be the nicest guy in the world and my next door neighbor, but if you're running for any office...
  6. northcedar

    Farm manager

    And with soil testing, if you do it say every 4 years, choose the same time to do it each time. Not spring and then fall. Try to establish a pattern. Our better soils over in IL seem to flatten out in the 5's. That rental farm I mentioned was in the mid to upper 5's. The corn on it the 1st...
  7. northcedar

    Farm manager

    As far as sulfur, it wasn't needed as an amendment several years back. It was coming "free" from the sky. Air got cleaned up, and guys started noticing a deficiency. It's an added expense. Some guys, some soils, probably don't think it's as critical. Markets have been down for several...
  8. northcedar

    Farm manager

    P, K & Lime will be the ones you're going to want to keep an eye on for mining. Sulfur is a biggie, but the way it get's applied and used by the plant, it's basically season to season. Like N. Many guys aren't adding much if any extra sulfur. Yields will probably suffer to varying degrees in...
  9. northcedar

    Farm manager

    Hire a good agronomist, and run away from farm managers. They're crooks. They usually get payed extremely well for doing very little. Sounds like you just need some consulting, try to pay someone by the hour. Find out what is a strong, yet fair, rent for the area. Make sure tenants don't...
  10. northcedar


    They'll still set a bunch of seed even if you mow them. Is it too big of a spot to walk?
  11. northcedar

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Good plan. Looks like everyone is doing what they can to make something happen. How long can cereal rye keep decent germ sitting in a cool, dry basement? Looks like the bags I have in the warehouse were bagged in '16 and '17. Assuming it's good to go, and I know I can do a paper towel...
  12. northcedar


    Map expanded. I'm in it now as well, over on the bad side of the big river.
  13. northcedar

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Thanks, I'm in a similar boat. I do have something like a quarter stand of brassicas that just need thickened up quite a bit. Only asked about the oats because I'm sitting on 3 bags I'd like to get out of my basement. I'll probably blend them in just for the fun of it. They have radishes...
  14. northcedar

    Cereal Grains and cover crops

    Any of you guys who broadcast and walk away, are you having luck adding oats to the mix? Or is too unlikely to get much to germinate, don't waste the effort, just keep it rye? I don't see any string of consecutive rainy days in the forecast to keep things wet. Just a single chance tomorrow...
  15. northcedar

    Derecho effect?

    Pics online now of corn fields being disked under. Says that'll be the fate of many of them.
  16. northcedar


    OK thanks, I figured so, but now can assume my crap plots are from the lack of rain to get them germinated! Can't buy a rain over here.
  17. northcedar


    Does anyone have a general rule of thumb on how long the germ stays good on brassica seed stored in a dry cool basement?
  18. northcedar

    Old grain bin worth?

    I think if they come and remove it and pay you a few hundred dollars that's about the most you can expect.
  19. northcedar

    Best utv sprayer I’ve ever seen or run...

    Also have my eyes on a 100 gallon from F/S. Probably will get a boom in the 20' range and with the Honda GX on it. With a stand I think it'll be over $3K. https://www.fsmfg.com/products/utv-skid-sprayers/
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