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Search results

  1. hesseu

    Morning Chores

    Had some morning chores to get done on Saturday.
  2. hesseu

    Timber Stand Improvment

    I will hinge cut to edge feather and push deer to a certain path closer to stands. Beyond that, I'm not a huge fan of it. When I have used it, waist high.
  3. hesseu

    Timber Stand Improvment

    Agreed...We do heavier pockets more as "bedding" thickets, and are currently doing area's in between / next to them a little bit lighter. I am intrigued to hear peoples thought processes when tackling different projects.
  4. hesseu

    Timber Stand Improvment

    What's the average size area's y'all are doing? I am assuming you are doing it in pockets when I ask this question.
  5. hesseu

    My habitat plan

    Heavy TSI / FSI on your SE, S, and SW facing slopes...I mean heavy. Open the canopy up and let the sun get to the forest floor. Immediate food and bedding. On a northerly wind / colder days, they'll bed on these slopes. On NW, N, and NE slopes, you can keep a more closed canopy forest as they...
  6. hesseu

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Did you just use your mowed paths for firebreaks?
  7. hesseu

    New world starting today!!

    I don't care who the president is, these days Executive Order's are way too easy to get done. We need a check / balance on these things. Crazy how they are just skipping the whole process of how things are supposed to be done.
  8. hesseu

    New world starting today!!

    Very True...unless, of course, you have the right last name.
  9. hesseu

    New world starting today!!

    I may be wrong, but land seems to be a "hot" commodity right now with some interesting people. I need to get some more of it!
  10. hesseu

    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    True...But, I don't foresee him fronting all the $ to get it up and running. Biggest issue IMO is finding the investors willing to put there name on something of this nature, because they will inevitably be ostracized. One thing is for sure, the fan base among conservatives is at an all time...
  11. hesseu

    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    I agree...If I understand correctly, it will take quite an investment into servers. But, a lot of money to be made for some folks that is for sure.
  12. hesseu

    Thoughts on Facebook, in general and for here?

    So, with mainstream media outlets, social media outlets, etc all headed in the same direction...Where do you foresee getting your news from? Honest question here. My issue is that it is all connected now. They can tap into our browser history without any issues. Of course, news outlets...
  13. hesseu

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    DWGH...You said a while back when you purchased this farm, you were going to take the Drury's approach to setting it up. What does that entail for you on this property?
  14. hesseu

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    Glesinger has stated the biggest difference maker for him was doing the habitat work (outside of food plots) the past few years. Adam Keith was his cameraman 10 years ago, and he had him and Matt Dye (Land & Legacy) up in 2017 to work through a habitat management plan. We had L&L to our SWMO...
  15. hesseu

    I killed Sleepy Joe

  16. hesseu

    Kids bow recommendations

    Our girl is the same age, and doing the same thing. I am looking at the Diamond Atomic right now. Unless something changes, I think this is the one we will be going with.
  17. hesseu

    Switchgrass/Bedding question

    I would just spray with gly and see what comes up in the seed bank. I'd bet you have some good natives which will provide cover and forage...DIVERSITY :)
  18. hesseu

    Let's talk DIY out of state hunts...

    I've got (3) PP for Iowa. Debating on whether I want to tackle a public land hunt, or try to locate and lease a piece. My biggest concern with the lease, is anything shady going on while I wasn't up there. At least w/ public you know what you get. I've also got a place located in Kansas that...
  19. hesseu

    Let's talk DIY out of state hunts...

    Did you use a game cart to load / retrieve?
  20. hesseu

    Let's talk DIY out of state hunts...

    I've done pretty much what you've said...I haven't bought the OnX wyoming map yet. But, I was trying to figure out how / why it the success can be so high in area's that the website has such low public land. Thanks for the help. Is there any "essential" equipment you would take out there? Or...
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