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Search results

  1. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    If Iowa had a rule like Missouri do you think it would help? Lots less reaping and picking off Toms going to roost. Just a question, I don’t know if stopping hunting at noon would make a difference. Mother Nature seems to work itself out eventually whether it’s good for us or not
  2. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    A blind man with a slingshot could have shot a gobbler where I hunt 10 years ago in SE Iowa. It went from simple to hunt them, to darn near impossible. Sad deal
  3. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Anyone seeing fewer turkeys?

    The amount of fewer turkeys I’ve been seeing over the last 10 years is really concerning to me. SE Iowa by Columbus Junction. I don’t even want to shoot one, just like how the pheasants disappeared.
  4. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Nice rack!

    Don’t soak or scrub because you can lose color. Use air compressor to remove most dust and lightly sprinkle or set out in the rain a couple times to get the rest off.
  5. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    Don’t let this guy ruin this great site for you. I have a shop full of racks with no tag, just my work order number which corresponds to the hunters info so our DNR can contact them with any issues.
  6. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    No tag needed. I’m a full time taxidermist and usually give the tag to the hunter when they drop off.
  7. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    High & Tight

    Great job Ishi!
  8. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Iowa Taxidermists Association show and competition March 27-28

    Honey Creek Resort by Lake Rathbun. Open to public and free Saturday noon-5pm and Sunday 9-11am. Come check out some awesome displays of taxidermy. This is a great place for folks who are undecided on a taxidermist or looking to switch. You will be able to see the difference in quality in...
  9. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Thoughts on crossbows

    I was forced to use a crossbow after I fell on the ice and destroyed my shoulder. I have used the Ravin 29 the last 2 seasons and I cannot wait until I can shoot a compound again this fall. And that’s with a top of the line crossbow. Hard to shoot offhand and clunky. If you have a rest and...
  10. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Mexico Whitetail

    Beautiful deer! Congrats! Coues deer are awesome
  11. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Iowa Deer Classic

    Yep I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday until 2 or so
  12. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Iowa Deer Classic

    I’ll be there with mounts at the Midwest Whitetail booth. Looking forward to stopping by yours to say hi and check things out
  13. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Helping deer over winter.....

    I made it a point to grow and leave natural browse on my land instead of corn piles in the dead of winter. It’s been even better during these tough conditions I’ve noticed. I do live in a highly managed neighborhood so they might be eating grain other times of the day, but they browse like...
  14. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    non whitetail trophies part2

    Big Rainbow Wide Wyoming pronghorn
  15. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Non whitetail trophies I've been working on

    1800lb American Bison Arizona Coues deer Big Rainbow trout
  16. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    % dropped antlers? Part of state, deer #’s & food?

    My neighbor has found 12 here in SE Iowa. I’ve found 3 without even looking for them, was ice fishing. Took in 5 deer last few days of the season where both sides dropped after the shot. This ice pack seems to have accelerated the shedding in my area, but it’s probably the same as every year.
  17. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Done Lurking

  18. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Success rate during different weapon seasons.

    Everywhere I hunt the food is gone by late season. With so many landowners around me trying to hold deer by leaving corn and beans standing I really struggle. My farmer loves to till right after he is done combining.
  19. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    2020 Indiana Buck

    Great buck Jarin! Love the mass on that old boy
  20. ReinertsonTaxidermy

    Dads Shotgun Buck

    Love those brows!
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