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Search results

  1. DMarley83

    Food Ploot Beans FREE

    Long time follower seldom post.... Just wanted to get this out there. I have a large supply of food plot beans left over from last year I'd be happy to share with anyone who needs them. Have done a recent germination test and all performed well. Located 10mn past carlisle on hywy 5. PM me to...
  2. DMarley83

    Very Important Please READ!!!!!!! Read Slowly and GO VOTE TOMORROW IF YOU HAVN'T ALLREADY

    I have never heard this said as simply or as well. Class war at its best. The folks who are getting the free stuff don't like The folks who are paying for the free stuff , because The folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer Afford to pay for both the free stuff and...
  3. DMarley83

    Best Hunting Chair for a blind

    Looking for opinions on hunting chairs for hard floor blinds. Have always used old office chairs, junk chairs, fold up chairs, etc..... What is the best bang for the buck??? Dependong on price id probably strap it to my pack and take it in and out in order to use it in different blinds...
  4. DMarley83

    Alfalfa/Clover mix Should I mow It 1 more time?

    I have a alfalfa clover mixed plotthat is about 12 inches high right now.I have some other work to do on that farm this afternoonand was considering mowing off the alfalfa one more time.my concern is it may be too late in the season to mow the alfalfa? I also have a couple clover plots on that...
  5. DMarley83

    Round up residual?

    I recently mowed a number of new fall plots ( mainly grass and weeds) about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I sprayed them yesterday and last weekend. A couple of them I disc after mowing mainly to test out a new disc. I'm planing on planting a few different plots. 1 a brassica mix. 2 a pea mix. 3. A brassica...
  6. DMarley83

    Hunt Force .com

    Has anyone used the website Huntforce.com to store and organize your trail cam pics. It looks pretty good and it never fails at the end of each season I wind up with a dozen sd cards with thousands of images on each witch i did not sort through, save, or delete. Any input?
  7. DMarley83

    Sandy soil food plots

    Anyone have any experience or suggestions for fall plots that are planted into sandy soils?
  8. DMarley83

    Field Peas

    I was wanting to try a new fall plot this year and was considering peas. Does anyone have any experience with them lately and is that a good addition to beans, clover , and turnips?
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