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Search results

  1. gersdorf

    Left handed Bowtech Assassin

    70# currently at 28.5 draw length. Great condition just time to upgrade. Comes fully set up. PM me for any additional info. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. gersdorf

    4th season success

    This has been one of my toughest turkey seasons I've had. Plenty of birds in my area but they were very call and decoy shy. Set up Saturday morning and had quite a few sounding off and two were within 100 yards. They pitched out with a group of hens and were headed away from me and I'd hope...
  3. gersdorf

    A hunt to remember

    Had a great hunt this morning to close out the season. I have a milestone birthday coming up and my wife asked me what I wanted and all I said was for her to go hunting with me. She's never been and hates getting up early but she agreed and now I think she's hooked. Started off pretty quiet...
  4. gersdorf

    Saturday morning success

    Everything came together Saturday morning at 6:25. With my kids athletics I don't have a ton of time to scout or spend as much time as I'd like in the woods so I set up an open field next to a large section of timber I have had success in the past. Heard a Jake and one Tom sound off deep in...
  5. gersdorf

    Badlands Diablo Day Pack

    Basically new, never taken hunting. Got a deal on a 2200 pack and don't need this one. Asking 120 or best offer. They run 160 to 190 new depending on the store. You can text me for more info five one five 208 zero 4 nine 6. Thanks.
  6. gersdorf

    colt delta elite 10mm

    I have a Colt Delta Elite for sale. Only a couple of boxes of ammo have been through it. PM me for more details or questions. Must have permit. Asking $950.
  7. gersdorf

    Tagged out

    Well this is a first for me. Usually I use all of my luck up in one season and don't fill both of my tags but got it done this morning. Wishing I could have done it with a bow but they started to move away from the blind so I let him have it with the gun. 23#, 1 1/4 spur, 1 1/8 spur, and an...
  8. gersdorf

    Friday morning score

    Gersdorf and Willie are on the board! With the kids schedules and coming down with the crud this morning was my first chance to get out. Gobbles started and I got set up in our orchard. Had four different Tom's sounding off but they started to work away from me so I closed the distance and...
  9. gersdorf

    Tresspassers/game violations

    Only the second time this group was caught in 10 years. http://www.kcci.com/news/3-men-charged-with-30-violations-in-hunting-case/37012038
  10. gersdorf

    Nikon Coyote Special

    Nikon Coyote Special 4.5x14 with BDC reticle. Great scope, but sold the gun it was on. Asking $250 or OBO.
  11. gersdorf

    FoxPro Firestorm

    Have a FoxPro Firestorm for sale. In great shape just looking to upgrade. Asking $275 OBO.
  12. gersdorf

    Savage .223 Left Hand

    Left Hand Savage .223. Bull barrel with around 75 rounds down it. I have multiple AR's so I don't really need this and its just collecting dust. Optics not included. Asking $500 and not looking for any trades. Will throw in a box of ammo too. You can email me at cgersdorf72(at)gmail(dot)com...
  13. gersdorf

    RRA Elite Operator

    Posting this for my dad. Rock River Elite Operator in 5.56. Comes with front grip, Vortex Red Dot, 1-30 round mag, and hard case. Has about 200 round out of it and is in perfect condition. Selling it because he is more into building his own now. Asking $1100 or best offer. You can email him for...
  14. gersdorf

    Bushnell Tactical Red-dot

    I have a Bushnell tactical red dot scope for sale. Still in great condition, I just upgraded so need to clear out some shelf space. They retail for about $180 and I'm asking $140 or best offer. You can email me at cgersdorf72(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!!!
  15. gersdorf


    1911's UPDATED Been wanting a 1911 for a long time now and jealousy of a buddy finally has me pulling the trigger on one. Looked at Kimber, Colt, and Springfields. Have shot a couple of Springfields in the past and they were very nice shooting guns but have heard good things about Kimber and...
  16. gersdorf

    Pistol Scopes

    What's everyone using? I have a Ruger Super Redhawk in .44 mag I am thinking about adding one. I have access to a Leupold Delta Point red dot but after shooting this last weekend with a regular scope, I really liked it for some longer distance shots. Any advice would be great! Thanks!!!
  17. gersdorf

    Brock Lesnar

    Looks like old Brock isn't quite the sportsman. http://www.cagepotato.com/lesnar-cops-to-hunting-violation-in-canada-and-is-fined-1725-cdn-or-about-three-seconds-wages/
  18. gersdorf

    Handgun scopes

    Got a new .44 mag and I am excited to take it deer hunting this season and wanted to put some sort of scope on it. Was looking for some sort of open red dot site and was wondering what everyone else was using. My dad has the Leupold Delta point and it is really nice but a little $$$...
  19. gersdorf

    Saturday Morning Success

    Didn't have as much time to turkey hunt this year as I wanted too. Got the chance to head to SW Iowa to hunt with some good friends again this spring. A good buddy was able to harvest a nice bird off of this farm on Mother's Day morning and said he had a good feeling we could get another one...
  20. gersdorf

    Optics on an AR

    Was wondering what everyone had on their AR's for optics. Looking at getting something tactical like an Eotech or the Burris AR-332. What's everyone else using and is there anything I should take a look at. Don't want to drop the $ for an Eotech if there is something more reasonable. Thanks!
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