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Search results

  1. Bundyjuice

    plateau herbicide

    hey guys I frost seeded some Indian and big bluestem on an acre of land. just wondering when to spray plateau? Is panoramic the same as plateau? any other suggestions would be great.
  2. Bundyjuice

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Can anyone recommend pears that do well in northern Iowa?
  3. Bundyjuice

    Native grass seeding

    I am going to be planting an acre of big blue and Indian grass. I’ll be using a brillion seeder. Just wondering what to use for a carrier for the seed.
  4. Bundyjuice

    Red cedars

    Looking at the Iowa state nursery site they only have 4”-10” cedars left anywhere else to buy bigger ones?
  5. Bundyjuice

    Looking for a utility tractor

    I am looking for an older utility tractor 25-50 hp. Don’t have a lot to spend. Prefer live pto.
  6. Bundyjuice

    Blind Windows

    I use black indoor outdoor carpet
  7. Bundyjuice

    Trail cam videos on iPad

    I can’t get my trail cam videos to work on my iPad or iPhone. Is there any way to change the file format or other ways around it.
  8. Bundyjuice

    Flooded food plot

    Any chance a rye mix food plot can handle flooding? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Bundyjuice

    Looking for tiller/disc

    Anyone have a three point tiller or disc for sale in nw iowa?
  10. Bundyjuice

    Velvet damage

    Just wonder what you guys think. It looks like his g2 is either broken or bent over. Any ideas if this is going to fall off?
  11. Bundyjuice

    Buying a tag online

    Hey just wondering if I buy a tag online can I hunt tonight or do I have to wait until I get my tag in the mail?
  12. Bundyjuice

    Hunting room/Man Cave/Man Bar

    Do you guys treat your barn wood with anything before you bring it in the house? I'm a little nervous about termites or other bugs.
  13. Bundyjuice

    Anyone shooting a Drenalin ..Good or bad comments

    Re: Anyone shooting a Drenalin ..Good or bad comm well i shot a lot of bows this winter from bear, hoyt and matt i personaly didnt like vary many of the bows that i shot but i might be kinda picky i didnt like the Drenalin but the one that i liked the most was the Hoyt Avenger it was just...
  14. Bundyjuice

    Dates you Kill your deer

    I was just going to make a list to see when most of the deer were shot with bows and maybe it would help on which days to go out after a few years of data thanks for your help
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