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Search results

  1. LoessHillsArcher

    .223 Barska 6-24 scope with base. $150 TYD

    Like new, the turret on top was cool for dialing yardages. $150 I’ll ship it to ya Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LoessHillsArcher

    Pond dock

    My parents put a small 2 acre pond on their place a few years ago, never stocked it other than one five gallon bucket with 2 doz small crappie and bluegills ~7 yrs ago. Fished it for the first time yesterday and caught a small bullhead and bluegill, our boy had a blast. Looking to get some...
  3. LoessHillsArcher

    Systemic insecticides for apple trees

    I'm sure some of you guys on here are noticing Japanese beetles devouring your apple trees. I used to spray Sevin on ours about twice a month and it worked, but it'd rain and need reapplied. Then I learned Sevin is tough on bees so switched to something more bee friendly but it still need...
  4. LoessHillsArcher

    14' John Deere pull behind disc

    Here's the link to the craigslist add, a really nice food plot sized disc here. Ready to roll once the ground dries! https://omaha.craigslist.org/grd/d/woodbine-14ft-john-deere-bw-disc/6889287390.html
  5. LoessHillsArcher

    3pt JD four row corn/bean planter

    Like new 4 row plot planter. excellent shape had built last year used 1 season. is ready to plant set on 30in rows. has both corn and bean meters. has factory transmission 3 point hitch i used on a 100 horse tractor. ready for wildlife food plots sweet corn plots or fill wet spots not able to...
  6. LoessHillsArcher

    Fourth season birds

    Sunday morning was kinda crappy weather but made the best of it and found some birds that were out. Two stalks with in an hour and two birds down. I think next year I’m going to try stalking them with the bow. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. LoessHillsArcher

    Slick trick broadheads

    For the second year in a row I’ve hit a deer in the spine archery hunting, not something to be proud of. But I wanted to share how the slick trick magnums stood up against vertebrae... they’re meat eaters! I’ve saved both of the vertebrae and fed them to my dermestid beetles and have made a...
  8. LoessHillsArcher

    Cleaning a breech plug

    Cleaned my muzzleloader up to out away for the year and snapped some pics of how we clean the breech plug. After having issues with hang fires or miss fires a few years back we figured out there was rock hard build up in the flash channel/hole that was causing us issues. It took some work the...
  9. LoessHillsArcher

    300 win mag

    Looking to get a 300 win mag for some elk hunting and other big game hunts in the future. Anyone have one they’re looking to sell or have a model they recommend buying new? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. LoessHillsArcher

    Ruger .204 TC Encore barre

    I've got for sale a 28" Ruger .204 barrel for a TC Encore or ProHunter. Barrel is like new. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0003007284801/204-ruger-encore-28inch-pro-hunter-fluted-rifle-barrel-ss-with-no-sights Retail for $300. Asking $250. PM me if you're interested. Thanks...
  11. LoessHillsArcher

    TC Encore .204 28" barrel

    I've got for sale a 28" Ruger .204 barrel for a TC Encore or ProHunter. Barrel is like new. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0003007284801/204-ruger-encore-28inch-pro-hunter-fluted-rifle-barrel-ss-with-no-sights Retail for $300. Asking $250. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  12. LoessHillsArcher

    Old doe

    The family put some meat in the freezer to close out second season shotgun. I got this giant doe later in the week. Probably the oldest deer I have ever shot, buck or doe. It is fun seeing the kids excitement when we bring a deer home or when they get to “help” process the meat. Good luck to...
  13. LoessHillsArcher

    11-11-18 Dad tags out

    This is going to be a long story – so you’ve been warned. We first began tracking this buck back in 2016 and we believed he was 3.5 yrs old. We had a few encounters with him throughout the year and I picked up both of his sheds in the spring. An average size buck, nothing crazy. 2017...
  14. LoessHillsArcher

    Triple on Oct 28

    Had a great morning, tagged out in about 2hrs! The buck was one that’s been around all summer and fall and always fighting or pushing off other bucks. Not the biggest rack but a tank of a body and a bad attitude. Made him a good one to get killed so some bigger bucks could move in! Big...
  15. LoessHillsArcher

    Coyote and bobcat foothold traps

    Selling my lot of Duke #3 OS and a couple other misc coyote/bobcat traps. Caught lots of fur with these over the past four years. Bought new, treated extremely well over the years. Always dyed and waxed. They're night latched and ready to roll into the next pot of dye, then wax, and then the...
  16. LoessHillsArcher

    2018 Canada fishing trip pics

    Went back to Geary’s Sportsman’s Lodge out of Red Lake Ontario this past spring again on one of their flyin fishing trips. Last year was amazing and I had doubts we’d ever be able to top the fishing success we had then... but we did! Everyone landed at least one pike over 40” with 46.5 and 45...
  17. LoessHillsArcher

    Picture perfect morning

    Turkeys haven’t been acting normal all season, quite on the roost and not spending much time in the fields strutting, finally last week with the warmth and wind things started to turn on a bit. Yesterday morning had the neighbor kid to try to get him a bird. We have been successful the last...
  18. LoessHillsArcher

    Third season tom

    Went out Saturday morning with Russ really thinking we’d double up on birds. Haven’t been seeing birds like we have in the past. It’s been really weird. We know they’re around just thinking the cold spring has them off yet. Anyway, russ and I didn’t get anything close and around 7:30 headed...
  19. LoessHillsArcher

    AR for coyote hunting

    So got myself an AR. Nothing fancy, just the DPMS Oracle in 223. I know little to nothing about ARs, dad ended up purchasing it on a benefit auction on a whim. I've got a 6-24x40 Barska scope on it with BDC reticles specifically for a 223 shooting 55gr ammo. I've got a box of 50 Hornady Vmax...
  20. LoessHillsArcher

    Thinking of warmer months

    I'm starting to get the itch to get back north to Canada for some fishing. I realized I never posted pictures after the trip dad and I had last year with some friends so thought may as well share now. We're going back again this year, same time and place. Russ is coming along and some...
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