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Search results

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    Thoughts on 2nd vs. 3rd season?

    I was curious about what other hunters observed during their time afield chasing turkeys. I go 90% of the time 2nd season due to the first weekend to get after them. I'm usually frustrated, adding more grey hairs by the time Tuesday rolls around. Seems like the turkeys in my area are usually...
  2. E

    H.R. 5717?

    I keep seeing things posted on social media about this bill being snuck in under radar with all media pointing towards covid19. Any one know of this bill?
  3. E

    Spartan cellular cameras forsale

    I have 3 spartan 3g game cameras for sale. All work as they should and are a year old. $200 per camera. That is half off from original price for these cameras. They are us cellular. Plans run 5$ per month per camera.
  4. E

    Spartan cams 3g vs 4g?

    I'm getting ready to buy a few cams because I caught wind there is a promo on them currently. I found out the promo is on the 3g us cellular cams. A quick google search found the verizon customers were upset because as of 2019 their 3g cams were obsolete. Has anyone heard this about us...
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    slowest 2nd season ive ever had!!

    I know 2nd season is not over, but for me it is. Birds gobbled good on roost but as soon as they hit the ground they zipped their lips.. Im talking 10-15 different birds as well that were gobbling on roost. We hunted 23 hours from friday through sunday and literally heard 1 gobble while a bird...
  6. E

    2nd season troubles.

    Many of you had good success 2nd season. I hunted Saturday through Tuesday. I am no turkey expert but what I believe I witnesses is the peak breeding/hen'ed up period because I had virtually no gobbling after Saturday. I was just curious if anyone else had similiar results. I was hunting in...
  7. E

    Your neck of the woods slowing down?

    Went out today and had a couple on roost gobble. it seems they hit the ground and ya never heard from them again. Do ya think its winding down pretty early or is it just my hunting area?
  8. E

    Spooked/shot at turkey question?

    To make a long story short, I am wondering if a spooked, shot at turkey will return to the same spot after say..a week or so? I had a turkey this past weekend come in and he completly circled me, and ended up on the back side of my tree only feet away..I could see him out of the corner of my eye...
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    Carrying scents safely into woods?

    Its getting to be that time of year, when the estrous scents are busted out and drug all around the timbers of iowa.. I hear stories about people being stalked/ran down by deer following scents lines and what not, and I am curious if this has happened to anyone here? Also, are you using...
  10. E

    Unwanted Whitetail capes/Beginner taxidermist offer..

    Season is underway for urban,youth, and seniors. Archery is right around the corner! I am a beginner taxidermist with 5 whitetails completed so far, so I am not a "master" taxidermst as of yet. We all know you can not get any better with somethings unless you get hands on practice. If anyone...
  11. E

    Story county luck?

    This will be my first ever hunting story county (maxwell) and after looking and the current harvests there, it isn't looking to promising.... Any of you guys and gals having much luck in that area?
  12. E

    Scent-lok Vertigo?

    I am in the market for some new camo this season, and was wondering if anyone had purchased the new Scentlok vertigo? If not, what are your oppinions on the camo pattern and is it a good pattern for around here in iowa?
  13. E

    Where to buy Scoutguard cams?

    I have been looking to purchase a new cam. I cannot find anywhere around here that sells them, am I missing something? I also looked at cabelas and didnt see any either. I did see some on ebay, but If I could find a dealer, I would prefer that. Thanks!
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