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Search results

  1. Thinkin Rut

    SSB1253 Another kick at the forest reserve program can

    What does actively engaged in your forest reserve mean anyway? I would guess they could get their 7% reduction enforcing the rules on the books right now...typical government.
  2. Thinkin Rut

    SSB1253 Another kick at the forest reserve program can

    How did this one turn out Fishbonker?
  3. Thinkin Rut

    Another Bingo

    Your family has this down...congrats!
  4. Thinkin Rut

    2nd year seedlings question

    How much 13-13-13 per tree is a safe rate? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thinkin Rut

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    Wow...what a buck! I’ll never forget my sons first mature buck. Congrats to all
  6. Thinkin Rut

    Red cedars

    What was the prep for that strip IBH1983?
  7. Thinkin Rut

    Rant of the Day

    I think we'll be ok if we get back to a shit hot pre covid Trump economy but that wont last for long with capitalism facing stiff head winds. Trump 2024
  8. Thinkin Rut

    Frostless frost seeding

    There's no way of predicting mother nature but this warmth is making me wonder what to think about my switch seeding that is supposed to take place tomorrow. Throw it on the ground and hope for cooler weather the second half of the month into early April? Is that even enough time? This ground...
  9. Thinkin Rut

    Switchgrass failure due to foxtail??

  10. Thinkin Rut

    Switchgrass failure due to foxtail??

    That would be great. I'm over seeding at the lower rate hoping at least some comes up. Do you think fire in my situation would do more harm than good on a would be 2nd year planting?
  11. Thinkin Rut

    Switchgrass failure due to foxtail??

    I'm in the exact same situation as you...mixed ideas on burning after seeding. Osenbaugh said yes, others no, I'm going to try to avoid it. My plan...hoping it drys out here in the next week to burn, seed then atrazine + dual early May. quinclorac if foxtail persists. If it doesn't dry out...
  12. Thinkin Rut

    I find this hard to believe, thoughts?

    No chews in timber. No body. No 80 yard shot on a fence line so bad you can't tell where the line is. Call in a DNR officer that has no evidence to deny your story. Go out looking for the deer on a hunch and disrupt a sanctuary that you have permission to shed hunt on and that you have found his...
  13. Thinkin Rut

    Cabin osb coverings

    That looks great Hardwood...Is your house separate or living quarters along with the man cave?
  14. Thinkin Rut

    prescribed burn and Atrazine

    I know seed can take fire if not too hot...curious what the affect to atrazine would be after its been sprayed? thanks
  15. Thinkin Rut

    Planting Cedars

    Great Skip thanks. Oust questions now...I take that is straight oust? Mix rate? Can that be used on cedars later in the year also? Can be used on shrubs and hardwoods during dormancy only?
  16. Thinkin Rut

    Planting Cedars

    As I see all the cedars growing everywhere but where I want them, I was curious if you can plant Cedars without killing the vegetation or would you get quicker growth by killing the grass? And if killing the vegetation would be beneficial, could you get it killed before the trees would arrive...
  17. Thinkin Rut

    Shot a Tank tonight

    Nice big target on that guy...congrats on a fine buck!
  18. Thinkin Rut

    Bonus Hunt

    Real nice...congrats!
  19. Thinkin Rut

    Bye bye 8

    As Biden would say, as sure as the sun rises in the West...nice buck!
  20. Thinkin Rut

    Nets are for fishing:-)!

    Incredible 8...love the velvet pics!
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