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Search results

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    Neat article

    I saw this and thought some of you might find it interesting. https://www.deerassociation.com/the-strange-story-behind-finlands-white-tailed-deer/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=02-25-2021
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    Back from the Taxidermist

    I forgot to post this when I got it back in November. My 8 point from 2019 season. Gross score 178” Net 172”. He has 13” G-2’s, 12” G-3’s and 27 “ Main beams
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    Good stuff

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    Team 1- Team 3-peat

    Hi guys, I was thinking since the 1st place team prize is $50,000 like the last 2 years, maybe we should chip in some of our winnings and get Iowabowhunter1983 some chiropractic treatments or maybe some back pills. I know he has been carrying us the last two years and I would expect the same...
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    This will get your blood pumping

    Kansas youth season is now open. Here are a couple that have been killed so far 282 6/8 gross unofficial 195 gross main frame 8 point
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    Cool deer mount

    Here is a cool deer mount I found online. Definitely made me laugh!!
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    No Trespassing!!

    Saw this sign and thought I’d share!! I think they are suggesting you keep out!! Lol
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    Happy New Year

    I wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with joy and walls full of massive antlers!!
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    Merry Christmas

    I would like to wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas. Please be safe and spend quality time with the family and remember, Jesus is the reason for the Season! I hope you all have a great one!! Elvis
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    Big Red

    This is a two year story so I apologize in advance for the length. Last year I didn't have a deer I was excited to hunt and on Thanksgiving morning I found this guy while glassing from a big hill. It took a week to track down the landowner but I was able to finally start hunting him on the 2nd...
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    Conjoined Oak Trees

    My dad found these Oak trees when he was a kid. He had told me about them and finally got around showing them to me shortly before he passed in 2011. He said he had never seen a pair like them and neither have I. as you can see one tree has grown into the other. I went to take pics yesterday...
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    I’ve been there!!

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    South Splitter Buck

    I have had this guy on camera for a few years. In 2017 i wanted to give him 2 more years. This is what has happened since then. 2017- 3.5 years old 2018- 4.5 years old 2019- 5.5 years old Early ML season opens in Kansas on Sept 17. I think I am going to take a really close look at...
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    Shoul'da been here yesterday!!

    A good buddy of mine just released his newest video. What do you think?
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    What tried to eat her??

    Check out both sides of this doe and tell me what you think got a hold of her?
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    Happy Independence Day!

    Spent the day with the family at Yellowstone. On to Cody for the rodeo and fireworks. I hope everybody has a great holiday celebrating our independence!!
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    Skinning Deer

    When you need to get back out in the field as fast as you can, this is your guy to get it done!!
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    Machine Bow

    For all of the people who hate folks using crossbows, your really going to hate this. Could you imagine this being used during the rut!! Lol.
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    First and Second!!

    I took my 8 year old son Westin out last Monday for opening of the Kansas youth Turkey season. Everything worked out. The birds were still really bunched up and we had 20 Jakes and 5 Toms come in. He was able to get on this bird and got him with one shot. His first bird ever! I asked him when...
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