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    SC Iowa Residential Realtor

    I am looking to buy a small house in Lucas, Monroe, or Appanoose County. Can anyone refer to me to a realtor in the area? I am married with 2 kids and 2 dogs. I grew up in a small town and am looking to get back to that and give my kids that experience. We live a quiet lifestyle and keep to...
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    I'm Back (part 2)!

    I saw another guy posted about returning to forum after some time away. I am in the same boat. I tried bowhunting public land a few years ago. I got frustrated with the people on public land and did not bowhunt for 3 years. I am now at a better point with access to private land so I am getting...
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    Cabelas Pursuer XP For Sale

    I am selling my Cabelas Pursuer XP. The bow is 4 years old. It is very forgiving and even I shot it accurately. The bow is in great shape. Included: -Pursuer XP with a brand new string. Draw 29" to 31" inch draw, 60lb's to 70lb's draw. - Quickee Quiver - 2 Whisker Biscuits - Trophy Ridge 3...
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    South Central or South Western Iowa Lease Options

    Does anybody have any contacts or know of anybodyto contact regarding leases in these areas? Thanks.
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    Iowa Public Land Hunting Questions

    I will be hunting public land for deer next fall. I have been reading about and scouting a few of the public lands areas in southern and southwestern Iowa. I am looking to talk to people who are familiar with public land hunting in these areas, whether you hunt them yourself, or you know what...
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    Arrow Rest Thoughts and Recommendations

    I am new to Iowa, which means I am going to get a chance to do a lot more bowhuntingw, which I am excited about. I really like my bow and and my setup in general . My only question is about my rest. I use a whisker biscuit. I really like its simplicity and reliability., but I'm concerned about...
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    New to Iowa

    So I am new to the state. I moved here to the Des Moines area for a job. I am really excited to hunt turkeys this spring and deer in the fall. I used to live in Minnesota and I owned land there. I enjoy land management as much as hunting. If there are any farmers or landowners in the area who...
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