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Search results

  1. koba

    Non-Typical Deer Camera - RIP OFF!!

    Folks i have had N.T.'s for about 10 years now. I was recently on my 3rd camera. It broke instantly when i purchased it. about a year later it broke again, I sent it in and they said i could upgrade for $100 for a NEW camera. They sent me a NEW CAPTURE. It NEVER worked ! I sent it back and...
  2. koba

    Governor Non-resident archery tags

    He guys i was famous ! Well atleast for 15 minutes. Can any one comp me on this one? Any one got a link to who is on the list?
  3. koba


    The U.S. Flag is flying proud at our house ! GOD BLESS THE TROOPS !!
  4. koba

    T-DAY !!

    It's HERE !! First day of Turkey Hunting is MICHIGAN !!! I am taking my son out on his first offical Turkey HUNT !!!
  5. koba

    KID'S first shotgun

    My son will be able to join me this year on his first shotgun hunt. Problem is Turkey's start this Spring and a 4-10 is a little small for a turkey right? Even if we made or bought special loads right? We are looking at a Remington Model 870 Express Jr. with a 18.5 inch barrel, 20 G. that is a...
  6. koba


    Hey guys one of my friends is selling a VERY pricey muzzleloder, how would you sell somthing like that? E-bay does not allow the sale of guns right? Are their any other collecter web-sites that exist? Any idea's?
  7. koba


    I got bunch left over from many hunts any one need or know how to make a call?
  8. koba

    First FIGHT!!

    My son and I witnessed a sparring session between 2 Bucks this morning while we were Goose hunting!! First one i have EVER seen!! he thought no BIG deal, I told him how long i have waited to see such a sight- 43 years!! PRICELESS moment with my son!!
  9. koba

    Koba's first food plot

    I bought this 40 acre parcel on 9-3-94 12 years ago. Mostly woods but some junk grass that every year i had to mow along the creek. Finally I sprayed the junk grass at the end of April with Round-up. I waited a week and used a disc that i FOUND that only needed a Bolt! Hooked it up to a Quad...
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