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Search results

  1. ArcheryHunter

    Converting open ground to bedding

    I've got a 4 acre field that borders some timber. It's bottom ground and has a few cedar tree's but is mostly open. My plan is to turn this into a bedding area, primarily for does (or whatever wants to stay there). I already have plenty of food plot space and am definately short on...
  2. ArcheryHunter

    Did a little glassing last night

    One of the properties I hunt borders a river. Since the water is so low, I use it as a means of traveling from one end of the property to another. It's a perfect place to get to a spot and climb the bank to see what's in the pick corn fields. In the process, I found 2 dead does and a dead buck...
  3. ArcheryHunter

    Deer Decoys, Pro's and Con's

    For those that use or have used a deer decoys, what's your opinion on them? I've used them in the past and had mixed results but want to try them again. Does seem to snort at them and i've had mature bucks circle around them and continue on their way. Seems all the TV hunters use them with great...
  4. ArcheryHunter

    My now favorite mineral site..

    This has always been a good lick to get mature buck pics, but this year is much better. Not sure why, but enjoy...
  5. ArcheryHunter

    Nice Bachelor Group....

    I have several pics of these guys but this one is my favorite, hanging out by the mineral site.
  6. ArcheryHunter

    Am I close to being right?

    Ok, getting ready for brassica and a clover plots. In a week or so, I have approx 1.6 acres of brassica's going in. It consist of dwarf essex rape, purple top turnips, and GH radishes from Welter seeds. I'm planning on discing in 8 bags or urea (46-0-0) and 200 lbs of P&K. Soil has a decent...
  7. ArcheryHunter

    Corn and Fertilizer/Urea

    A few weeks ago I no-tilled 2 acres of corn into bean ground and a grassy area (bean ground 2 years ago). Since I didn't incorporate any fertilizer or nitrogen at the time, can I still broadcast urea and or fertilizer now? I'd do it before a rain but want to make sure it would help the corn...
  8. ArcheryHunter

    My Decoy Has Been Violated

    My son and I went to one of our favorite turkey hotspots early Sunday morning. Finally, a sunny day without crazy winds to shake the blind. After sitting for 3 or so hours, we decided to sneak out and stretch our legs a bit. While coming back to the blind, we noticed 2 toms strutting in the...
  9. ArcheryHunter

    Homebrew cases w/SSS boards

    I've sold the Sony P41 cameras but still have 4 Pellican 1040 cases, completely built with Snap Shot Sniper boards. The cases are ready for a rca plug modified sony P41. Anyone want them, make me an offer. Terry
  10. ArcheryHunter

    Mixing Herbicides

    I've got about an acre of clover with some grass left and lots of weeds. I've got both Clethodim for the grass and Butyrac for the weeds. I'm using a 25 gallon atv sprayer and it takes the tank to cover the acre. I'm planning on using 16 ounces of the clethodim with 32 ounces of crop oil...
  11. ArcheryHunter

    Having trouble killing grass in clover

    I'm using 12-14 ounces of Clethodim and 32 ounces of crop oil in 25 gallons of water. I use the entire tank on approx 1 acre. I'm killing some of the grass but other grass continues to grow. Do I need to use more Clethodim, or do something different? I did mow everything down to 6 inches or...
  12. ArcheryHunter

    Select Max

    I just called the local Heartland Coop in Indianola to purchase Select Max to clean up the grass in my clover plot. Only problem is they only sell it in 2.5 gallon containers for approx $140.00 a gallon or $350.00 total. Any one else looking for the same thing and would be interested in...
  13. ArcheryHunter

    Timing of Lime and Fertilizer question

    I'm planning on frost seeding some white clover this winter/early spring on an existing clover plot. I'd also like to add about 200 lbs of lime and the same of 6-24-24. The plot is approx 1 acre in size. When is the best time to apply the lime and fertilizer? Can I apply the same time as I...
  14. ArcheryHunter

    Mineral Lick Action

    A few more pics I retrieved this afternoon.
  15. ArcheryHunter

    Ok, now i'm excited! (Added another pic)

    Trail cam pic from early this morning. Natural funnel, hope to see this one again.
  16. ArcheryHunter

    Recent visitors to my mineral lick

    I established a new mineral lick next to a small 1/3 acre food plot (late planted soy beans, just coming up). I had 111 pictures on my homebrew at this location since July 4th. Need to increase the delay between pics! I think I have the first buck's pic taken in January.
  17. ArcheryHunter

    Nebraska, South Dakota, and Finally Iowa pics

    Pics of my Nebraska and South Dakota birds. Just filled 1 IA tag but don't have the pics off my sons camera yet. A buddy and I hunted NE on Friday the 13th for a very short 1 day trip. A 36 yard shot stopped the tom within 10 feet or so. Luck was with me as I tagged the tom at 9:30 am. Off...
  18. ArcheryHunter

    Double Bull's Great Customer Service

    After leaving my Matrix out during heavy snow, one of the support rods snapped. Completely my fault, but the replacement rod from Double Bull was free. I paid a few bucks shipping and i'm back in business for turkey season.
  19. ArcheryHunter

    New camera project

    My son and I are building a couple new homebrews. I picked up a few cases from George Dean at the classic and we're using SSS boards with P41's. Other than a few very minor issues of countersinking the hole under the Fresnel and reversing the ribbon cable on the P41 hack, he's doing a great...
  20. ArcheryHunter

    Another Homebrew Pic

    Finished my second P41/sss and put it in a spot that i've never really watched before. Tons of doe pics and this guy who I have on camera from October in a food plot.
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