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Search results

  1. Brett Morris

    Foggy Morning Clean Decap

    Shut the front door. That is AWESOME!!
  2. Brett Morris

    Antler dropping on camera

    That's so cool!!
  3. Brett Morris

    Booner 11pt gun 1

    They don't get much prettier than that!! Congrats
  4. Brett Morris

    Wide 8pt gun 2

    Giant!! Congrats!
  5. Brett Morris

    Bonus Hunt

    Heck of a buck!! Congrats Scott!
  6. Brett Morris

    Your thoughts on Lakosky, Glesinger?

    I believe it's a correlation to the # of acres they have access to. I have permission on maybe 3-5 farms per year. Far from high quality deer hunting pieces (40-100 acres of mostly ag with a few draws, etc) & with other people hunting them too. I can always find at least one 160"-180" if I am...
  7. Brett Morris


    Ironically I just talked to Farm Credit yesterday. Going to re-finance our farm through them. They can't lend more than 65% of appraised value. Current rates on 15 year fixed was 3.79% and they pay a 1% dividend every year so effective rate is 2.79%. They also do longer fixed terms. I'd be...
  8. Brett Morris

    I killed Sleepy Joe

    UNREAL, congrats man!!
  9. Brett Morris

    Ideas to help access

    Just enough to hide behind & sneak out of the creek & up into the blind. Single Bales lined up on the ground would work just fine until the ladder. Then I’d need them stacked Just didn’t know if they’d be tipsy if I was going 2-3 high
  10. Brett Morris

    Vaughn's 1st Antlered Buck - WOW!

    Unbelievable!! Big congrats!!
  11. Brett Morris

    Ideas to help access

    So we have a 2 acre turnip/radish plot that's about 200 yards from the entrance to our farm. Most afternoons there's deer in it 3-4 hours before shooting light so bumping deer happens every hunt. I had planned to plant a plot screen but didn't get it done. I'm curious if anyone has any permanent...
  12. Brett Morris

    ***Punched First MO Tag*** Story/Video Added

    Beast!! Heck of a nice buck, congrats!!
  13. Brett Morris


    Good Pete. How many times can Skip nicely state the obvious. Quit complaining or look at options to improve your soil. Based on the wealth of knowledge Skip's shared OVER & OVER again there are things you could be doing for your small plots that don't require huge budgets. Perhaps taking his...
  14. Brett Morris


    Not to hijack the thread but a similar question. When do you start to knock down standing corn? I've got 5 acres (free seed & a buddy to plant it cheap) on the farm & have never had a grain plot before.
  15. Brett Morris

    4 wheeler vs. quiet kat bike

    If that was an option I'd absolutely do it. If I had a tractor with a cab at the farm I'd probably use that & it would be the perfect solution.
  16. Brett Morris

    Tag sales

    I'll play devil's advocate to the previous post. I think doe harvests could certainly fluctuate due to the lack of HUSH availability. Our family doesn't mind a little venison but we donate almost all of our deer. Not having a HUSH option really makes me question my strategy for harvesting does...
  17. Brett Morris

    4 wheeler vs. quiet kat bike

    Some of the comments on here really surprise me. I have felt like driving our ranger to the stand/blind has had very little impact on our deer movement but now I'm questioning if I'm an idiot. I really respect the opinions of several folks that say they'd NEVER drive their Ranger to the stand...
  18. Brett Morris

    Post labor day refelections

    I've gotten approaching 2" of rain at the farm. Cameras are almost all transitioned to scrapes. Food plots are going to produce. Several targets to chase. Probably spending the next 22 days enjoying some family time & being thankful for all my blessings. My wife and I just had baby #4...
  19. Brett Morris

    Muzzleloader scope

    The best you can afford IMO. Every optic I own is Vortex. Customer Service is unmatched. I m own 3 pairs of their binos, spotting scope, rangefinder, and 4 scopes. Any issue it’s replaced completely free of charge. And the products themselves have been great.
  20. Brett Morris

    Muzzleloader scope

    Personally I’d never buy anything under $500 that wasn’t Vortex
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