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Search results

  1. teeroy

    5x8 enclosed trailer for sale

    $1200. i can text pics. i'll try to get pics up through my phone later. dexter ia [email protected]
  2. teeroy

    Northern Minnesota fishing recommendations

    Myself, my brother and his kids, my cousin and her husband are wanting to do a fishing trip end of June, or July. Renting boats, or possibly charter. Cabin rental. Targeting pike and walleye. Anybody have any favorite lakes/ lodges to suggest?
  3. teeroy

    couple guns

    i have a stoeger m2000 12ga smooth bore bird barrel, and rifled barrel with cantilever scope mount $450 and a remington 788 .243, 22 inch barrel no scope $425 email for pics/info [email protected]
  4. teeroy

    gun theft

    just a word of advise. i had my house broken into last thursday. all that was taken was guns (not that i really have anything else of value). get your serial numbers logged, and into your insurance. my basic homeowners policy only covers less than half what i lost. and i only had serial...
  5. teeroy

    iowa farm bureau federation opposes DNR plan

    FB last week, urged the DNR to stabilize the herd at lower levels to reduce the potential for crop and property damage. they specifically requested that the DNR not follow through with their proposal to reduce tags to below the level not sold for the prior year. they also asked them to continue...
  6. teeroy

    2015 spring banquet speaker is.........

    tim wells, from relentless pursuits. tickets go on sale in january. buy early, seating WILL be limited this year
  7. teeroy

    i think i found a democrat to vote for

  8. teeroy

    I.B.A spring banquet tickets

    monday feb 24th is the last day to get tickets! banquet is this saturday march 1st check out the website for more details http://www.iowabowhunters.org/springbanquettix.htm like the Iowa Bowhunting Assoc. on facebook
  9. teeroy

    response from harkin

    it took an eternity to get my form letter response from him. can't even remember how long ago i sent my email to him. i bet he will be voting for a gun ban. good riddance [/LIST]
  10. teeroy

    are gun owners fools?

    from an email i recieved from gunsamerica.com
  11. teeroy

    president omar has already started his gun grab?

  12. teeroy

    info on Iowa EHD

    EHD is a virus that is spread by a biting midge; there is no deer-to-deer transmission The midge feeds on an infected animal, the virus colonizes inside the midge; when the midge bites an uninfected deer the virus is spread EHD is closely related to bluetongue and both produce the same symptoms...
  13. teeroy

    awesome slideshow of nugent kamp pics

    ted nugent kamp for kids 2012 http://video214.com/play/oGJ1HwL1sT19dNNYwBXG4w/s/dark
  14. teeroy

    2012 ted nugent kamp for kids

    this year started out scarily similar to last year, headed to arrowhead park, into a rainstorm, with a rainbow on the western horizon but after last year's monsoon, there was a plan in place incase of bad weather, so i continued westward, knowing THIS TIME, i would not get a call telling me...
  15. teeroy

    iowan in the olympics!!

  16. teeroy

    update on iowan miranda leek's bid to make olyimpics in archery

  17. teeroy

    iowa DNR sale

  18. teeroy

    outdoor girls summer camps

    a camp in iowa to introduce 12-15 year old girls to the fun of the out doors is being offered 3 times this summer. 2 day, 3 night outdoor journey for girls camp teaches canoeing and water safety, basic orienteering, fish and wildlife identification, firearm safety, and basic shooting, camping...
  19. teeroy

    poll on deer numbers from the daily iowan

  20. teeroy

    i have seen a ghost!!

    not really A ghost, THEE ghost. ghost and son of a ghost made the trip to the IBA banquet saturday. man, it has REALLY been along time. his kids are damn near GROWN!!!!
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