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Search results

  1. LarryM

    Pumpkins/ squash

    Can I use clethodim to control foxtail in pumpkins?
  2. LarryM

    176 CRP- DWGH Farm Projects Thread

    Sky pandas! I'm stealing that one! :)
  3. LarryM

    RM18 on round up ready corn????

    RM18 also contains diquat dibromide. Me thinks the corn is toast.
  4. LarryM


    Insect Shield and Gamehide sell impregnated clothing good for 70 washes. You can even send clothing to Insect Shield and they'll treat it for you. Haven't hit 70 washings yet, but after 3 years, they're still going strong.
  5. LarryM

    DWGH Farm Projects Thread 2019

    Man, my corn in northern WI isn't even up to my waist yet.
  6. LarryM

    Roundup Ready Corn & Soybean Food Plot

    I've planted RR, conventional, and even open pollinated varieties of corn the last few years. None have had any ears left by mid February (northern WI). Deer love corn. This year I'm planting a silage corn variety that purports soft/floury kernals and allows slower digestion which is said to...
  7. LarryM

    Water Holes

    Thanks for that tip on the mineral supplement, I wouldn't have thought of that.
  8. LarryM

    Water Holes

    Has anyone tried the Banks Wild Water?
  9. LarryM

    Winter wheat or winter rye

    Split the difference and plant winter triticale..... let us know how it works out. ;)
  10. LarryM

    Food Plot - What blend would you choose?

    I've just started using gypsum as a soil amendment that also has the ++ of being calcium sulfate. Welter's is now selling what they call "Big Buck Brassica Mix" which looks like they borrowed Doubletree's recipe. It's $2.60/lb which is very reasonable, especially next to any BoB blend.
  11. LarryM

    Food Plot - What blend would you choose?

    I planted brassicas for years with little usage (stubborn I know). I then learned that some sulfur is required to sweeten them up and usage and bulb eating commenced. 18-20 lbs of sulfur per acre should get you going.
  12. LarryM


    Gamehide advertises using a proprietary Insect Shield permethrin infused fabric good for up to 70 washes. Sawyers pump spray says one treatment will last up to 6 washings or 6 weeks before clothing has to be treated again. I see quite a few Insect Shield clothing lines available now under...
  13. LarryM


    Gamehide sells a line of clothing (including camo) called Elimitick that works very well if you don't want to do the treatment yourself. My wife really likes hers. http://gamehide.com/why-gamehide/elimitick/
  14. LarryM

    Hey Fishbonker

  15. LarryM

    My Knowledge & Solution quest for Info to combat EHD & TICKS....

    I bought some of the Kent 365 ADE yesterday. It does have molasses listed as well as containing iron, cobalt, sulfur, etc. which aren't listed on the spec sheet. Really great stuff at $2o for a 50 lb bag!
  16. LarryM

    Screening trees

    http://www.windbreaktrees.com/index.html They're near Clarence. (East of Cedar Rapids).
  17. LarryM

    Frosty Berseem Clover vs Soybeans

    NWBuck, Sligh1, Here is a link on frosty berseem. Welters sells it as well. http://www.outsidepride.com/seed/clover-seed/berseem-clover-seeds.html I usually get a frost in northern WI mid to late September and soybeans are cooked just as archery season opens. The frosty will still be green...
  18. LarryM

    Frosty Berseem Clover vs Soybeans

    I learned about the frosty berseem clover variety this year and with my property in northern WI, I thought I would give it a try. It grew very well in my heavy soil and the deer love it! They are still pawing thru the snow to get at what's left and that is still green (Hasn't dropped below 15...
  19. LarryM

    Weed ID

    Thanks guys. It is in a wet area and has spread quite a bit from last year. Will give another shot of glyphosate and mix in some 2.4-D. Probably all I can do this year.
  20. LarryM

    Weed ID

    What is this weed? Seems to laugh at glyphosate in my corn. Thanks!
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