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Search results

  1. Hardcorehunter

    These 125 gr Magnus Bullheads

    are flying and hitting EXACTLY where my 100 gr field points do! My Carbon Element is paper tuned, and I am using the 4 feathered Victory arrows, that Magnus recommends and sells. I Couldn't be happier! I put off shooting turkey beheading heads for years, as I thought they would be a hassle to...
  2. Hardcorehunter

    Mondays' Opener forecast

    Doesn't look good. The Accuweather.com weather apps says 33-61 mph winds out of the WNW. Weatherbug says just says Windy, 40% chance of rain, and Weather channel says 25 mph NW winds. All agree it will be windy with a chance of rain. Looks like getting in the woods and setup between a couple of...
  3. Hardcorehunter

    Tip for Turkey Arrows

    Great tip, I SEE NOTHING!!!!
  4. Hardcorehunter

    Legal question?

    I can't find anywhere in the Iowa regs that state that you can not kill two birds in the same day, as long as you have 2 archery only tags. So, can a bow hunter with 2 archery only tags, shoot both birds on opening day of 1st season? Thanks
  5. Hardcorehunter

    Dave Smith Strutter 360 & squatting hen

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TreaZJ-hrV0 Cooter, A vow of silence on your part, and I'll show you how I do it.:D
  6. Hardcorehunter


    I have had one of these for 15 years at least. I had two, but lost one. These can be used for a variety of hunting/outdoor applications, but since it is turkey season here soon, my main use this time of year, is it silences my box calls during transport, to and from the woods. I place the lids...
  7. Hardcorehunter

    Animal calls for Smartphones ringtones

    I love this free app for my Droid X. It is called Favorite Animal calls. Give you 18 different animaI calls. I set mine up so that when I get an email, an elk bugles(excellent realism), a new text message, a buck grunts, my phone rings, a turkey gobbles till I answer, and facebook notifications...
  8. Hardcorehunter

    Your local fishing forecast

  9. Hardcorehunter

    Turkey tip of the day/March 31

    Actually two tips. 1st, for those that want to add more realism, put real feet on your dekes. These feet are loose, and just propped under the DSD dekes, then the deke pushed down on the feet to hold them in place. Even though a hen doesn't have spurs, at least she has feet! I like details...
  10. Hardcorehunter

    Night Crawlers are out!!

    I just got home, and noticed my 1st night crawlers of the season, crawling on the side walks!!! Live bait I don't have to buy!:D
  11. Hardcorehunter

    What is your turkey head this year?

    I'm shooting Magnus Bullheads this year. I've used Jack hammers and Gobbler getter spitfires, with great success, until last year. I drilled a big tom at 5 yds with a 70# speed bow, with what I felt was a great vital shot with a gg sf, it knocked him over, and to my dismay, I watched him get...
  12. Hardcorehunter

    Made a Turkey Fan Case tonight

    Fan slides in an out easily as it has a side and top entry.I had an old predator shirt that had a couple of holes in it, so I took a pizza box, and made a protective carrier for my Primos fan system that goes on my Dave Smith Strutter deke. Hot glue gun, 550 para cord, 2 cordlocks, pizza box...
  13. Hardcorehunter

    Turkey stake carrier

    I made this over my lunch hr today, for carrying my 4 Dave Smith Decoys. Pipe foam insulation, spray paint can cap, duct tape, and folding chair sack. Carrier is quiet and protects my deke bags and dekes.
  14. Hardcorehunter

    Mod for DSD strutter

    I made this over my lunch hr. 1st, the bolt that is provided is too short for my liking. No way will the bolt work on a full fan, like mine puctured here. A stripped down, bare fan, like another one I have, will work, BUT, this attachment system is better for me. These are two hercules hooks...
  15. Hardcorehunter

    DSD Strutter/before & after pics

    I picked this up last night at Scheels in Des Moines. I couldn't wait to see him setup, so after my 6 am Men's group at my church, I decided to set him up quickly, and show you guys what he looks like. Before I added my tail and wing feathers. For those with no real turkey parts, Dave Smith's...
  16. Hardcorehunter

    Ice still 5-6" at Ada Hayden

    Caught these today. Shorelines are opening, but still plenty of ice for those that can't afford to drive to Spirit Lake. Better hurry though.
  17. Hardcorehunter

    Gens box rod holder mod/pole case

    I had these two rod holders, and they just didn't impress me as far as fitting in my sled good, or using them in my shelter. I took a pair of bolt cutters and cut off the bases to each. Then I drilled a hole in each corner of the handle on the box. Now, if a bite is detected, the pole can be...
  18. Hardcorehunter

    Transducer depth mod

    Thought I would share. I bought this FL-8 used, and it had no stopper for transducer depth. I don't know what the factory ones look like, or how you guys like them, but I got tired of tying a knot in my cord above the float, like my MN buddy says he does with his older FL-8. I also hate the...
  19. Hardcorehunter

    My DIY flag/warm floor/hotel on ice

    I just got into ice fishing this year, and am loving it. Bow season ends in January, and other then predator hunting, waiting for turkey season used to be a long wait. Not anymore!! I started ice fishing in one of my bow hunting blinds, and decided to get a better setup. I bought this Eskimo...
  20. Hardcorehunter

    Good day of fishing

    21.5" Walleye and some Crappies!
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