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Search results

  1. Cooter

    Rhino ground blind

    I have a Rhino blind I have never hunted out of for sale. $125 like new.
  2. Cooter

    Millennium G100

    So I love the comfort of my g100. Last year it started squeaking. I contacted Millennium and they told me to tighten some of the bolts. I did that and it helped for awhile. But now I got it out again and it squeaking more than before. I tightened everything as tight as I want to go without...
  3. Cooter

    Needed to strut

    Been having a heck of a time bringing the in. Problem was they were hanging up every time they would get to the crick. Noticed they were being pretty aggressive. The jake decoys weren’t enough to coax them in. So this morning I decided to throw the strutter out. Worked like money. They only way...
  4. Cooter

    One minute after sunrise

    I was settled in the blind at 5:05AM. Pumped to hear the thunderous gobbles I heard Saturday when scouting. Only one bird gobbling in my area so I didn’t have high hopes that he would come in. Had both my jakes out and that will usually hang up a lone bird. To my surprise he flew down and came...
  5. Cooter

    Flocked DSD strutter $100

    My strutter is for sale. $100 plus shipping. Contact for pictures.
  6. Cooter

    On the walk in.....

    Was on my walk into my stand at 9:30. Was going to sit the rest of the day till dark. Well I didn't quite make it. The leaves were nice and quiet, I was slipping through the woods with such great stealth. I spotted a doe moving through the brush so knelt down hoping she would pass by and not...
  7. Cooter

    80% sure

    Not a great picture. Picture of the computer screen. Land owner sent it to me. I am 80% sure of what it is. What are your thoughts? Going to check my cameras hope I have some more and better pictures.
  8. Cooter

    Opening day

    Can't beat opening day. Fast flying fun. Think I'm hooked on this.
  9. Cooter

    DSD strutter

    Looking for $120 plus shipping if needed. Located in Iowa city area.
  10. Cooter

    Rack Pack wanted

    Looking for one or two if anyone has any they would like to sell PM me.
  11. Cooter

    Is this Wisconsin?

    First one I've ever seen. Didn't have any fear of us. Plenty of photo ops. Cute little sucker.
  12. Cooter

    Polaris lock n ride DIY tie down eyelets

    Seen these for sale on Amazon. Seemed costly for what they were so I decided to make my own. Figured I'd share what I used. 4" 5/16 eyebolt 5/16 pronged T nut Fender washer Size 7rubber stopper. (Got these from widgetco. These were the hardest part to find) 1 1/2" plastic rod stock. Cut to...
  13. Cooter


    I know how they call big guys tiny..... This how this bird gets his name. No luck Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Birds flew down gobbled a couple times and worked off the other direction. So I went to fuel up on some breakfast at the local diner about 8. After a nap in the truck...
  14. Cooter

    Private messages

    I am unable to respond or send them. Is it just me? I don't make the ropes anymore. Sorry
  15. Cooter


    Think they will be cruising through my hunting area? Mother nature is a bitch
  16. Cooter

    Don't you pee in that scrape

    Thought this was a cool little rut video.
  17. Cooter

    Bucks of the past

    Few nice ones I have gotten pictures of that are no longer around. Highbrow. Shot late muzzle loader by a guy on the public ground never to be found.
  18. Cooter

    Logan's last youth

    This my sons last youth season bird. He has filled his tag with nice toms the last four years. The morning was a little rough with it being so cold but we powered through with a few gobbles but none wanted to play our game. Made a mid day move to another roosting spot. We were back in the...
  19. Cooter


    Cute video. Sent from my tab 2 using IW
  20. Cooter

    What's this?

    Lots of pix of this deer just wander if anyone knows what the problem is. Sent from my tab 2 using IW
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