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Search results

  1. Bowhunt

    Missin some Iowa Whitetail!!

    All, I can't remember my last post...maybe 4 years ago!! Glad to see the site is still active and full of lots of great people!!! I just moved to Colorado and it is pretty awesome, but I still miss those huge Iowa Whitetails! Thanks for keeping the thrill of the hunt active for those of us who...
  2. Bowhunt

    I am back!!!!!!!!

    Holy Cow! I did not think the website still existed!! Lot of hunting stories to tell, only SCOTT IC knows the extent of the large one, (singular) that I put to the ground last fall! Details to follow......
  3. Bowhunt

    Great things to come............

    I just wanted to personally thank everyone that was involved with our banquet this year. We had a great group of people and with out everyone's help and support this event would have not been such a success. All of the time and effort that went into this event shined at our banquet. Thank you...
  4. Bowhunt

    Central Iowa QDMA Seed Sales

    Here are three seed blends that we have made to raise money for our Central Iowa QDMA branch. The money raised by the sale of these seed blends will go to support our goals in the state of Iowa. Profits will go to putting on whitetail educational seminars and workshopts, supporing HUSH, TIP...
  5. Bowhunt

    Educating other hunters about QDM

    I have been talking with people that hunt around my area about QDM. They are either for it and want to help out or else they pretty much slam the door in your face. I have talked to people with an open mind and want to know what they think about QDM and deer hunting in general. I also stress...
  6. Bowhunt

    Frustration from trail cameras!

    I have several nice deer on cameras from this year and years past only to lay eyes on a few of these deer. The mature deer I get pictures of are all at night and I rarely see these deer maybe once during the fall if I am lucky. Does anyone else find they have the same fate as I do? This just...
  7. Bowhunt

    How to hunt cornfields

    This next week is early muzzleloader and there is alot of corn in. I was wondering how some of you are going to deal with this. I know there are alot of nice deer that stay in the corn until it is harvested. I would say if I hunt I would focus on draws that have corn around them, weedy areas...
  8. Bowhunt

    Doe harvest goals

    I have been talking with my neighbors and we have really been hunting the does. Last year on our farm and a couple of neighboring farms we shot over 35 does on about 400 acres of timber. What kind of doe harvest numbers does everyone else try for?
  9. Bowhunt

    Two less does roam the woods!!

    Friday and Saturday Pupchow and myself both took does!! It was a good feeling to get back in the woods. We have got two down and alot more to go!! I also had the chance to see some bucks. Had 3 in close enough to take on Friday morning. A couple of year and a half old bucks and a 130 class 8...
  10. Bowhunt

    Do you ever sharpen blades on broadheads?

    Does anyone ever sharpen your broadheads? I know alot of guys that sharpen the magnus, montec, and snuffer type broadheads. But do ever sharpen thunderheads, muzzy's or mechanical broadheads? And how do you sharpen any broadheads?
  11. Bowhunt

    Pass Thru shot or not?

    Last year I had complete pass thru's on all of the deer that I shot with bow, shotgun, and muzzleloader. In my opinion I want to find blood from 2 holes instead of just one. I also like to go all the way through an animal and feel I have the right combination with my weapons to do so...
  12. Bowhunt

    Wanted: ISU vs. IOWA tickets

    I was wondering if anyone out there had some Iowa football game tickets they wanted to get rid of. I am looking for two tickets, Just PM me with the price and we can go from there. Thanks alot!!
  13. Bowhunt

    Sight and arrow favorites

    What are everyone's favorite sight and arrows that you are using this fall. What features make them your favorites?
  14. Bowhunt

    Restoring herters 6 wheel compound

    I recently came across this 6 wheel compound bow in my basement. The bow was my dad's from the early 70's. I started hunting with this bow, I never killed anything with it, but I had a blast chasing the deer. I would like to take it out and try to tag a deer with it this year for fun. I was...
  15. Bowhunt

    Antelope hunting opening day!

    Today was the first day of antelope season out here in Montana. I saw lots of goats, mulies, and whitetails today. I had good luck all day as far as seeing animals, just not in the right spot. I had one stalk on a goat that did not pan out today, got ahead of some in a blind but could only...
  16. Bowhunt

    Montana here I come!!

    Getting pumped now! I leave to go to Montana here real soon. I have 6 days of antelope hunting and fly fishing to do. Season starts on the 15th of August, I will post some pictures and keep everyone updated! Wish me luck!!
  17. Bowhunt

    Looking for a lab pup

    I am looking at getting another lab pup next summer, and would like to know if anyone has suggestions on upcoming litters. If possible I would like to see the parents work this fall. I am really excited to get another dog, my current lab is turning 9 this fall and would like to have another one...
  18. Bowhunt

    Estimate for sign at shop needed!

    We just got a new shop and I need an estimate for a new sign to put out front. I am leaving out of town soon and did not know if anyone on here did that kind of work. I thought someone on here did, but was not sure. If you can just email me your number and I will call ASAP with the details. My...
  19. Bowhunt

    Mexico Deer hunting

    This may sound crazy, and most likely is. I work with a guy that is from Mexico and he sees I have shotgun shells in my truck. He says do I hunt, I say yea. He says he does also I said in Iowa, he says no in Mexico. Turns out that someone in his family has a large ranch in mexico and they...
  20. Bowhunt

    When is the big rendevous?

    So when is NE Iowa going to see all of us Iowa Whitetailers come up for the visit? I just wanted to get the dates down. How many people from central Iowa going? Car pooling might not be a bad idea with $2 plus dollar gas!
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