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19-20 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

Wi transplant

PMA Member
Hello ? Team 3 ??? Ok we have been holding back long enough!! We have given the other teams enough of a lead!!!! Hahaha! Time to put us on the board! I got. "My" first buck on my new farm ! Got him the second day of first shotgun season! 4 yr old lived here for 2 yrs heres a pic as a 3yr old and this yr! My stepson got the whole thing on film !! Our first time trying this!! (Rookies) . 20 in inside spread. With lil over 24 in beams . my friend who scored him left with the measurment paper ! But he ended up at 150 5/8. And i took a doe out on day 5 also! Go team 3 !!

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Super Moderator
I’d like to be on a team..... not sure if that’s allowed or not with me being an out of stater?


Here are the rules

But, they are not always followed (some without detailed scores, some without the person in the pic, some without the weapon in the pic, some well after the 10 day limit, and a couple from a convicted poacher), so maybe you can get a 2nd buck in. ;)

I understand I’ve been relaxed on the rules this year once again. It’s more trying to keep people involved lately since the forums have been slow. Heck I haven’t even been on much anymore then I rush to get all the scores updated once I do get on.

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Results are:

Team 1-821.625pts

Team 5-641.375pts

Team 2-394.75

Team 11-360pts

Team 14-321.825pts

Team 10-306.125pts

Team 4-241pts

Team 6-176.75pts

Team 3-175.625pts

Team 7-149.875pts

Team 12-145pts

Team 8-143.125pts

Team 9-143pts

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PMA Member

Thanks for your work on this but I don’t see my buck listed on team 2 score. Picture is on the thread.


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Super Moderator
Congratulations to all of my team mates on Team 1 for winning two years in a row. I think it would be good for one of us to step up this next season, so Iowabowhunter1983 can take a break. If he has to keep carrying us, he will have to have back surgery!!;):D

I am hoping we get the $50,000 first place check soon to split among all of us. We can use it for food plots and down payments on all sorts of toys!!! Great job guys and great season. Let's have an even better 2020!!!

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