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After brassicas good options are... 1) Frost seed white or red clovers or 2) Spring planting of oats & berseem and/or crimson clovers. From there you can plant brassicas again in the fall, rotate to Dbltree cereal blend in the fall or just periodically mow your new perennial clover stand if you frost seeded white/reds.

After cereal/Dbltree blend, I prefer to let the rye, wheat etc stand into the spring along with the red clover. This provides good late winter / early season food and exceptional fawning habitat as the cereals mature thru spring, early summer. From there you can turn under or spray kill and rotate to brassicas for the fall, just plant a cereal blend again or even go to a shorter season summer crop like buckwheat, millet, sunflowers, etc.. I may end up no tilling soybeans into my standing rye this year..

Many options! :D

*Edit - See also Post #506 ;)

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Curious what people are doing for spring and summer when rotating a brassica mix and rye/wheat/oat mix? So the spring/ summer following fall planted brassica and rye etc strips (i.e. rotating the doubletree mix strips). Do people let the rye go and deal with its tall growth/residue later, or would you terminate it all the following spring when it starts getting tall and do something like an annual clover or buckwheat from spring until fall planting the brassica and rye rotation? I could see some real benefit from the rye early green up the following spring but feel it would be a jungle mess of plant residue if left until fall. Also, most likely don't have no-till drills so would be more curious on what others are having luck using that rotation
I like the rye to get tall. Good fawn cover & that allows for a massive amount of biomass to be created. Terminate before it goes to seed. Should have clovers in there or could frost seed & another option would be to keep it clipped until rotating to something else.
For ground following brassicas…. Heavy frost seeded clover, soybeans oats/clover or anything else you would like to do…. Buckwheat, corn, cowpeas, whatever.
If u want to follow the Dbltree rotation - seed it down (above) & the summer/fall mix planted in those old brassicas will be the cereal rye mix (rye, oats, peas, clover, etc)

*bassattackr beat me to it!!! Spot on above!! ^^^^
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