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It will be a long time coming for the states with bad policies on whitetail hunting to change until the hunters unite and push changes or better yet DEMAND changes!!


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The meat and social hunters far far far outnumber hunters looking to exclusively harvest mature bucks

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The main reason is because a lot of these hunters have had no experience with great mature deer and high numbers. They have never seen good hunting. This is what they are used to & they feel they need to shoot the first deer they see cuz it may be the last and typically that is a small buck. In MN where I live (Soon to move to Iowa) they protect the does and try kill every buck possible. The chances of a 4 or 5 year old are so slim and the gun season is the first weekend in November. So the hunters shoot the first buck they can.

Meat hunters which I am totally okay with, also shoot the buck because the doe is protected and what is usually behind the doe on opening morning?? That hunter would be totally fine shooting the doe but legally can't because the hunter only has a buck tag. The young bucks don't stand a chance here even though MN has great cover * habitat.

Some other state besides Iowa has to figure this out. Its not that difficult.


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MO is not concerned as much with the price of NR tag but the raw #s of people they can get to spend their $ in mo for sales tax revenues and pumping up the overall economy for tourism etc.

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I make this point often, but I'll say it again..... there is a very large number of people that have moved to Iowa from other poorly managed states (myself included). I would love to know what that number is but it has to be in the multiple thousands. What is the economic impact from those people that are here full time for a lifetime? Hard to say, but it has to be in the hundreds of millions.

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