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Questions for the hunters...

Dallas Ft. Worth

Dallas Ft. Worth
Would you rather take a 130-140 class 3-4 year old every year or go several years without harvesting a buck in hopes of getting a 170+ giant?


I would choose the Captain Kirk model, reject the pre programed parameters of the test and try to figure how to take a 170 every year.


PMA Member
I would just like to shoot an old gnarly buck.Dont really care what it scores.Just throw a couple droptines in and im in.


Staff member
I'll go buck-less for every year until I got an old buck. The more and more folks that pass the 2-4 year olds- there will be more opportunities at those old 5+ year old monsters. It would make hunting better for everyone including the guys that will shoot young bucks. Bucks in IA have a great chance at making it if u pass em.. Probably better than almost any state.


Well-Known Member
I usually just shoot the first deer that walks by..worked pretty well for me last year at least :way:


Active Member
I have aten tags waiting for 170-180's doesn't bother me at all because I know theres deer like that living on our farms. I usually pick the highest scoring deer or the oldest to go after every year.
Its fun killing the old battle scarred bucks!


It is going to be a good fall!

Depends on the state. A 140 inch 4 year old in Minnesota would be a trophy. but in Iowa, I would rather wait for a 170, more down there to choose from. Either way, I am happy with a 140, or an older buck in either state.
If he doesn't make me shake, I'm not gonna shoot him...memories are trophies in my mind, BUT an extra 20" of antler is always nice! haha :drink2:


Super Moderator
I would now prefer to wait for an older age class buck and eat a tag if necessary. Rewind 10 years and I would have given anything for a 140+". Once I acheived that mark my goal was more inches each year. From now on an older age class buck will be my target, regardless of the score! :way: (unless a 170" 4 year old walks again:rolleyes:)


PMA Member
I ate my buck bow tags for my first 9 years before I shot my mature 130 last year. He was an old 8 point and wasn't going to ever become a 150+. In that time I passed many 130-140 inch young bucks waiting for a mature. I will continue to do the same. Although there is a giant six point that will be in the 115-120 inch range that I would smoke because he is at least 6 years old. It's all about age for me.


New Member
I haven't shot a buck in several years, but I do find that I get a pretty good feeling when a 130-140" walks within bow range and continues to walk out of bow range. I am not sure that I need to have a 170", although seeing on of them gives me a good feeling too:D. I am more in the "you know it when you see it" group. A very unique 150" could be just as special as a 170" given the right circumstances.


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