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Terrific Two’s! & some three’s u like to see!


Staff member
Here’s some fun ones. I love seeing these types of deer. I watched one many years ago start as a nice 115”-120” 2 year old & turn into 215 at 7 years old. They sure don’t always make it but here’s a few examples of some cool 2 & 3 year olds that caught my eye. Post some up if you’d like. Or ones of past with potential. Lot of years to survive but they are pretty good at doing it & im always rooting for these types of deer to make it. Every farm I’ve ever seen or been on has those young ones that catch the eye. I’ll post some more as I get them. Feel free to Post away!
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That last pic is an absolute stud IBH 1983! Skip, those are terrific buck as well, thanks for sharing!


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Had really high hopes for this one last year.... Until he played chicken with what looked like to be a semi and lost. Found one of the horns laying beside him.


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Had really high hopes for this one last year.... Until he played chicken with what looked like to be a semi and lost. Found one of the horns laying beside him.
I laughed out loud on “semi and lost”. I’m sorry!!! ;). Funny but sucks!!! I do hope u find a big boy this season!!

I’ll “even it out”…. More Tillable farm had big deer. See this 2019 trail cam. Have sheds from 3 years & compared to deer hit- it’s him, 100%. Long story but we 100% sure.
2020 he got hit by a car July 3. So- he had like 1.5 months of growing to do!!!! Hit in middle of day by a car!!!! :(. That’s life of wild deer!!



Staff member
Nothing insane. & put the pregnant male on here too He/she is looking decent & be cool after he/she gives birth…. Be great if healthy & kept growing.
& a little 10 that probably be great someday… 3rd pic
+ another 10 I know well.

& I did figure out what the stomach thing was. Just caught this photo at perfect time!!! Similar thing happened in movie spaceballs. Poor thing.
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