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Timber Stand Improvment


PMA Member
Looks great! You mentioned running a fire through there, how long do you recommend waiting for that?

My Dad and I cut some cedars out of a large cedar thicket and it has some native grasses where sunlight currently hits the soil. We left them lay and were curious how long to wait to introduce fire. We are planning to continue to thin them out over time.
Your picture compared to what IBH83 has are very different...his cedars were completely full grown and useless in a timber setting....your picture is showing "younger" trees in an open "prairie" type setting.....

I have the EXACT same thing as you on our new farm....what I am going to do and started on today.....I mowed a path around my "timber" and will till that up as a fire break....then in the coming weeks I will torch it knowing that the cedars in the natives will get smoked, but I also want my natives to flourish rather than my cedars....so I guess you have to decide which you want...if you want both you will need to put some type of fire break around each tree ....

But to answer your question, it's all whether permitting, we are in a warm trend right now so the cool seasons will start to "pop", you can burn anytime now to set those cool seasons back and let the warm seasons grasses become more dominate ..hopefully this makes sense

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