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Views from the stand 2022-23


Good action this evening. By DNR Survey counting rules, I counted 24 does and 4 bucks. Pretty sure I saw some of the does multiple times. I had a young 12 point freshen a scrape less than 10 yards from my tree, twice! He hit it, chased some girls around vocalizing to them, then hit the scrape on the way past the second time. Split G2's, he has potential if he reaches it.


Well-Known Member
Sat Last night, and tonight.(For my first 2 sits of the year) No real Rut action for Nov 4th and 5th. Seen 2 bucks tonight. Both just feeding. Have a 240 acre field bordering my farm. That might be hiding the rut activity. Hunting won't get good until corn comes out.


Well-Known Member
Good stuff guys.
It's damn near dead around here.
I have not seen ONE buck even interested in a doe yet.
Not even a young buck. Never seen nuttn like it.
Every year (past 30) years on this day, a doe can't even try to feed without a buck busting it up.
Strange for sure.
Opener of gun season also.
20 years ago, opening morning, it was common to hear 200_300 shots first 3 hours.
Heard about 10 this morning, and it was dead calm.
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PMA Member
Sat in a nice pinch point along the river this afternoon. Pretty slow. One little buck and couple does on other side of river. I’m sure they were moving just not where I was at

Wapsi Tree Rat

Well-Known Member
Does and bucks all over me this morning. This pretty boy was really working the ladies for a night out as he exerted his dominance across the timber. Very tempting, but I just feel like he needs another 4 or 5 years to reach his potential. Today, he got a pass, but if I catch up with him in 2026, it'll be a different story fellas.



PMA Member
Shoot the buck right in front of you and be done already!
Nah...not burned out yet...give it a few more days and I just might be tempted. :)

Still 7 baldies just lolly gagging it out there though. Any self respecting buck should be out there bumping those deer all over the field. What gives?

My son is about 200 yards away on a doe mission. He has a spike over there locked on a doe. Where are the studs?

Wapsi Tree Rat

Well-Known Member
Loving my set up. Geeky dekey set up, wind in my face, Nov. 6, 7 baldies feeding contentedly about 80 yards away, for now...waiting on some "antlers" to bust in here.
View attachment 123482
Well Daver, that's way more critters than I saw tonight. I guessed on this plot and apparently guessed it very wrong. Oh well, another beautiful evening.


....and I snapped this one on the walk back home. Didn't feel like butchering tonight anyway. All good! :)



PMA Member
In the end, I had a field full of does and fawns, but a good buck never showed. Weird. Finally, after legal shooting had ended I could see one out there dogging the does, but I don't know that I have ever watched so many does feed so contentedly for so long at this time of the year. Oh well.


Active Member
I had the exact same thing tonight. Picked cornfield full of does/fawns and no bucks until fairly late, two dinks came to check them out. Very strange

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