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    Zumbo the idiot.

    [ QUOTE ] zumbo is a moron, always was. somewhere along the line here, he has proven himself an idiot. either by writing an article, on which he knew absolutely NOTHING about, and forming an opinion based on his total lack of knowledge, or by his lame ass appology, now that he has taken some...
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    hunting rooms

    Teeroy wanted me to post a few pictures of my attempt at a man refuge. I've been working on all of it now for about 6 months. I have a little work left on it but its close. After we put our addition on, The existing basement was the next target. I always wanted a bar, so I gutted the basement...
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    Score settled!!

    Atta boy Steve!
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    Shot Placement on Turkeys

    Mud.... been away from the site for a long time.... first time saw this post......nice buddy.... really nice!
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    Wingbone Calls

    NebraskaWhitetail speaks the truth.
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    Wingbone Calls

    Guys, I'm not taking wings this year. I had a hell of a time last year trying to get calls made along with all the other stuff I had going on. Ask Kat and Cloaca, they recieved their calls about 5 days before they needed them... the next season! I'm in the process of getting ready to start...
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    Double Bull Matrix Magic...

    Hey Limb, check your work email... I hope you have another tag... your call is ready. Nice bird!
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    PETA undercover

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    PETA undercover

    Boatman, it's REALLY unfortunate that happened to your buddy....I would have been sigificantly less diplomatic than he was after the fact. I've always and will always treat PETA as a non-issue. The fact is, even if the unthinkable would happen... hunting rights being taken away... I would hunt...
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    Mathews--->Black Widow
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    My Widow finally arrived.....

    The man in the big brown truck showed up today...Finally! I ordered this SA II about 10 weeks ago....I swear it felt like I ordered it a year ago. I built a doz cedar arrows for it and was pleased to find they fly great out of the bow. I'm not planning on retiring the Outback, but it's always...
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    The whole thing makes me sick.... the verdict just makes it worse.
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