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Acorns to Oaks!

I have some red oak acorns and was planning to direct seed some and pot some. I’d like to get a head start soon since bow season will be here soon.

Is it too early to direct seed acorns now or should I wait? If now is too early what’s usually a good date to aim for?


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I might try now. Or as soon as moisture. One reason i say now is.... there’s other acorns out there so u may get less things trying to mess with em. Make sure u protect em. Think of coons, mice, squirrels, etc. so- make sure protected - like a 2” deep seated tree tube as an example. With these temps & getting good natural soil... some openings in forest are on place to start as u know it’s the right soil, it’s usually virgin or high organic matter soil that drains well. & it’s a good bit cooler in the forest vs a cooking field right now. But - whatever works for u- give it a shot!
I should’ve mentioned I would be direct seeding on a bare cattle pasture with south facing hillside...so my concern would be if too hot and dry for them right now...

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I grafted some Concordia oaks to a swamp white oak at my house for S & G’s. It will provide some fall color unlike regular bicolors.


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Another of the fall color which is light years ahead of a regular swamp white oak.


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Ozark chinquapin I put in the ground last fall as a seed made it through winter up by the IA border.


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This was an acorn collected off an alba from my farm. The tree seems to always have acorns and those acorns have been more vigorous than other albas I’ve started from seed. The growth rate seems to be really good far as Alba goes.


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As of 5/8 this year it’s at 17”. It was 15” last year as of 05/06. To me, it’s crazy to think I’ll have a 40’ Quercus Alba in 20 years or less.


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The Concordia at my in-laws is going to be raining down acorns. The whole tree is covered in them.


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