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BH209 Cleaner?


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What have you found that works the best for this stuff? I love the powder but my experience shows it is a pain in the butt to clean. I like the soap and water method better with 777.

I have been using Hoppes #9 oil and also the BH209 Oil straight from western powders. It seems no matter what I do, I can't get it all out of the barrel. Tried a nylon brush, copper brush, 12 guage swab, tons of patches.

It seems I have a couple areas where it is stuck between the grooves and I just can't get it out. Is there any kind of better jag than the standard jag that came with the gun?
A few years back, i switched to bore scrubber for all my long guns. It's a foam you spray in the barrel and then you let it sit there for 30 min and then swab it out. I follow that up with a bore snake with a little #9 on it and then rem oil. Seems to work nice. They sell all sorts of additional solvents for plastic and copper residue etc but i've never really gotten to worked up about that stuff.
I use Blackhorn 209 religiously and have had no problems cleaning it out. What I do is first take the breech plug out and let it soak in the BH209 Cleaner while I cleaning the rest of the gun. To get out of the breech plug threads I take a test tube cleaner and wrap my swabs around the tip and twist clockwise (change swab and repeat). Never had a problem with the barrel either. For a jag I tend to use a standard ribbed jag... nothing special. Just make sure that no matter what it is a snug fit in the barrel.

Hope that helps and if you want any more detail let me know.
Sorry, can't help but I will tell you I quit shooting BH209 for the very reasons you share. Lots and lots of elbow grease did the job.
I shoot 150 grs of IMR Whitehots. Never any trouble cleaning it. Literally wipes out of the barrel with a wet patch.
Barrel Blaster works for me. Its that expanding foam. I shoot in down the barrel and let it sit for awhile. It actually pushes most of the residue out of the barrel. I then swab it a few times and its good to go.
Don't have any problems cleaning it using hopps no. 9. DO NOT USE WATER to clean BH209! It is oil based, water won't do a thing other than make a mess.
I've been shooting it for 3 years now too and have never had a problem cleaning.
I wet a patch with the BH209 cleaner and run it down the barrel a couple times then push a brush down it a few times, then another damp swab and then 2 passes with a boresnake. Always comes out clean as a whistle.
Liv, I had the same problems as you using the Hoppes #9, went through a ton of patches to get the barrel truly clean. I've found that if you rotate the jag clockwise down the barrel and use an old piece of cotton rag the first couple of times it really cleans out the barrel enough to where you only need a couple of patches after that.
I've not had an problem and I use good ol bore solvent (Hoppe's?) without any issues. What is not able to come clean? I always had that issue with 777 and that was why I switched to BH209
I agree with Shredder, I had way more problems with the 777 then I have ever had with BH209. I use Butchs solvent and it melts it away and cleans up fast. I thought you werent going to use 209 Liv? I think its the best powder on the market hands down.
Well I tried the bore scrubber and it doesn't seem to help either. Let it soak overnight twice now. From a dirty barrel it only takes about 5-6 patches with BH209 cleaner and the patches come out clean. If you look down the barrel the rifling is clean but inside the grooves you can see resdiue in them and that is what is driving me crazy. I never had this issue with 777.

I just cant get it out, tried a nylon brush, copper brush, shotgun swab, tons of patches, tried cleaning it. I would say 80% of the barrel is fine but there are a few areas it just won't come out.

I have spent about 3 hours on it and now and can't get it out. The breech plug isn't too bad to clean. I have been shooting the powder 3 years now and everytime I clean I keep thinking man this stuff sucks. It does only take a few patches to get clean swabs but when I really look close it isn't really all that clean.

The only reason I am worried is I ruined my knight disc extreme with this stuff. I shot it a few times late muzz and didn't clean it until about a month later. The stainless barrel pitted horrible. It was crazy.

my fear is that underneath everyone of these little deposits I have in the barrel it is going to leave a pit.
Beleive it or not I use a medicated pad used for pimples from Walmart they work very good to start the cleaning process go threw using each side of the pad once then a couple of dry ones then the water soaked cleaning patch then dry to finish then oiled pad. (they are cheaper than the bore cleaner too about $1.50 a jar full of about 150.
Have you tried J-B(a non-embedding bore cleaning compound) from Brownells? It only takes alittle to work. Wrap a patch around your brush and work back and forth. I have used it several times when breaking in a new rifle.
Thanks for all the tips guys. This is what I am dealing with. YOu can see the crud that is in it. So far I have used probably 50 patches, copper brush, nylon brush and a 12 guage brush. I will look into some of the other stuff.

Not a great picture but you will see what I am talking about.
birchwood casey 2 in 1 bore scrubber, one wet patch, follow up with bore brush and another wet patch. Dry patch afterward.

I would recommend that you buy a little jar of JB Bore paste and run a couple TIGHT fitting patches, embedded with the bore paste and polish that bore with a good 75-100 strokes.
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