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Bleep!!! I forgot my........

Last Year:
Walked to stand (previous night I dropped my pack from the stand to the ground) and found my release was snapped into 2 pieces.

Walked to stand...20 yard pin was broken off.

Few Years ago...went shotgun hunting. Had my gun in a case, etc...forgot to take the cable lock off of it, and forgot the key. Luckily my father-in-law had a spare gun!
I have been pretty good so far this year. I have only been out a half dozen times or so but have left my binocs a couple times. Usually have my binocs in the front seat with me so if I see something while in the truck I have them handy and I got picked up by a buddy twice so far to hunt and both times forgot my binocs in MY truck. Left my phone the other day. Other than those two things, nothing too serious
Forgot my dead down wind bottle sitting on my back bumper as I was leaving home and didn't realize it. After searching my vehicle for 10 mins, I said screw it. Hour later old lady called and said she found a orange bottle of "cleaner" at the end of the drive! Plus to the story is I didn't get busted all day.
Forgot the TP once. Had to use a combination of a wet smooth rock and a pine cone to solve the issue. Never forgot it since.
Forgot the TP once. Had to use a combination of a wet smooth rock and a pine cone to solve the issue. Never forgot it since.
LMAO, that was all that nature lent for you to use? I've had to shed socks and shirt sleeves before. I have multiple knee length socks that are now ankle socks along with many short sleeved shirts that started as long sleeves.
I have forgotten my release once, binocs a few times, and grunt tube.
Busted my butt to get to my ground blind 20 minutes away because I was late and was afraid deer were going to be feeding on my way in. Got out, grabbed everything, got the backpack on, made it halfway through the field and noticed my quiver was missing. Forgot I took it off at home the night before to sharpen broadheads. lol I was pissed

When I was ten years old I was walking out with my dad and we just got up over a hill and there was a doe standing 30 yards away. I went to go put my release on my bow and released I didn't have it... So I shot using my fingers. Nailed her. She ran like 40 yards and dropped dead. My first deer ever.
I have a pretty good one. Earlier this season after an unsuccessful morning hunt, I went to a buddy's house and shot some targets. Went back out for the evening hunt, I was half way to my stand (about 200 yards). I notice a deer out in the field I'm planning to hunt. So I take like 30 minutes to go another 100 yards. I figured maybe I should knock an arrow just in case cause the deer were moving early. I grab one of my arrows, and "AWWW BLEEP!!" I forgot to put my broad heads back on after target shooting and they are all the way back at the truck. I gave up on the stealth mode I had been in and trompted back to my truck. That sucked. Still saw deer that night though.
Last Thursday I walked about a half mile crossed a river got to the base of my tree and realized I left the 7 treehopper pegs I needed to get into this stand at the truck. I was luck though. I stood on the top wire of a fence growing into the tree and could just reach the bottom peg. Hand over hand up I went, promply dropped my coat and harness, down and back up I went. An hour later I dropped my second buck of the season.
Release more then once. My deer stand. and it was a 30min walk in so i hunted on the ground. My rubber boots.
I've been known to forget something a time or two. Let's see...where to begin... things I've forgotten:
release...luckily was in truck 10 min away
binos...not a big deal
boots...pretty much ruined my shoes that night
safety harness...last week...strapped myself in the tree by my belt...NOT the safest way to hunt
lone wolf stand...last sunday...fortunately hunted a pre-hung stand so didn't need it
lone wolf sticks (twice)...went home and back to bed both times
broadheads during turkey season....thanks for the loaner muddy
primers during gun season....jkratz had a couple extras
and once forgot my bow....went home to get it and got in the stand late
i never really considered myself a forgetful person, but after this post, i may have a problem...
I've forgotten a bunch of stuff bow hunting, but being only 5 minutes from the house makes most of it less memorable. Can't figure out why all my buddies manage to forget their gutting knives during shotgun season though. I'm the old fart with the bad memory... :rolleyes:
Over the years I don't think there is anything I haven't forgot at least once everything from gun, bow, arrows, lic., boots primers, bino's grunt tube rattling horns. I don't know how I ever have killed a deer. The thing I forget nowdays is the tool to cock
my crossbow Just can't remember to take it out of the case & I don't have the strength to pull it back without it. Luckely for me I only have a few hundred yrds to get back to the truck. Have to park close as I can't walk without a cane or walking stick with my bad leg.
I've left my release at home but last week took the cake. Had some days off from work and got all the way down to the farm around the Pella/Otley area. Driving from Des Moines. Got all dressed, reached in my pocket and no wallet which contained my tag.......urgh! So after a nice drive back to Des Moines I returned to get a good mid morning hunt in!
Opening day of gun season forgot the guns.:confused: I thought my Dad grabbed them, he thought I did. Luckily some of our buddies had extras.
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