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I kept the kids home from school today, since they were not bright enough to cancel it, with the storm almost here. Colton and I went out to do a little calling and look for sheds, before they get buried. This ugly sucker came in right away and Colton dropped him with the 17HMR. Did not take a step.

Now I can't stop itching, feel like spraying down with a can of Raid.


He was around 70 yards, facing us, almost straight on. Hit him at the base of his neck, in the chest.
Is that one that you had on camera?....or are there a number of them on your property with mange? Great shot by the way.
That hmr will work fine when there is no hair to get through!!!

Joe, I sure hope you Skint him.
Nice.. 20gr hollowpoints or 17 ballistics?

17 ballistics, should we use hollowpoints? Shot 1, 130 yards off my deck last month, that did a jump and spin, but went over the hill into thick cedar. Enough blood to follow, but I stopped as I got into more bedded deer. Dead is dead for coyotes, don't need to see it. Last year I shot 2 with the 17. One dropped, the other went 140+ yards. Of the ones shot over the last several years, all but 2 needed another shot, so I do see what you all mean by not much knockdown power, but I like it with my tenitus, from doves and pheasants in the 80's.
Joe, I hope you buried or burnt him? That's the only way to prevent the other animals from contracting mange. Congrats to your boy on his kill. Damn that is one ugly dog :D
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