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Figured I'm at the only tree stand I have that gets cell reception so I'll do a live feed. Overlooking one of my food plots- it's a brisk morning but I'm toasty in my heater body suit

I wasn't in the stand 5 min and 100 yards away are two bucks fighting in a corn field that's freshly picked
I have my buddy in my double over the big plot and he just text me it's already full of deer- should be a great morning.
Sitting in a ground blind on some recently scouted public have numerous shooters cruising through from 8-9 am . Dead quiet here . Wish I had a heater body suit instead of a farmer carhart cover all suit
Nice start! We hadn't been seeing good movement until later in the morning the past few days so we decided to head out at 8...guess now I wish we had been out when we were drinking our 3 pots of coffee! Good luck today!
sat on my east food plot last night and had good action from 2pm on. saw 16. at my west plot now due to the se wind and nothing yet. pretty shocked they sre not all over it. oh well..it only takes one.................okay as i finished typing a spike just freight trained a doe past me. better get back to hunting.
Killed a 160 with split brows last night at 3:30 pm cruising past. Was the only deer I saw also with shortage of does the bucks will have to keep cruising to find one and that may have worked out for me. i still can't believe it. Broke the near shoulder and took the heart out and complete pass through. Will look for the arrow today. Full metal jacket tipped with steel force cut on impact, expandable would have never got the job done, been there done that. FYI to all and good luck this weekend. Will post pics and story later.
Congrats!! Had a bruiser Trot by up in the beans at 8:15. Didn't care about food plots or calling. Now I just have the two loudest squirrels in ringgold county around me
Been the best hunt, so far, of the 2014 season for me. They are really moving now. Had to bail prematurely, Unfortuntely. Heard sounds no hunter wants to hear from a treestand. Other hunters must think it's freaken Orange Army season already, Hmrrrph! To say I was angry is a complete understatement! Had a buck chasing a doe in the corn early and the decoy did it's job. if the sun would of been a little higher, I'd have a buck in the truck. Deer kept filing into the field to bed. Some time after that all heck went loose.
Snowing pretty heavy now- getting a quick bite and back at it. The corn just got picked at my #1 stand with #1 hit lister. Going there tonight. I get no service there (ATT sucks). Will update tonight
Just got home a bit ago. Feet froze all day in a blind. Didn't see or hear squat. Thinking this snow moved them all down to the bottoms for greener pastures, all the corn and half the hay are tilled under.
Sat in my ground blind tonight on the little place. Saw good movement from the moment I sate down. One of my target bucks chased two does out into the corn at full speed and three smaller bucks followed. Saw multiple does/yearlings and a few small bucks until dark.
Had very little activity tonight- 1 deer. A farmer near by chose to do maintenance on his combine near my area and proceed to get into a yelling match with someone from 3-4pm. Positive note- I haven't even had a chill since I bought the heater body suit. It's worth every penny Headed to my climber in the timber tomorrow
There's always some around doing something to mess a hunt up. On a side note the heater body suits work great if you put them on before you get too cold. It's hard to get warmed back up if your freezing already.
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