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From the stand

You are a stud if you are out in it this morning... I am sitting here drinking coffee :) I have enjoyed the updates, good luck today!

Oh it's not by choice- I want to be in bed and drinking coffee:). My brother is in town and had been pumped to hunt for a month- it's all I have heard about. So- here we sit. I'm hoping he gets one down by sunrise and off to breakfast we go!
Nice! I had Crossfit testing tonight so no hunt for me- sitting AM with my brother since he is in town - then going down and walking all but 2 of the properties I hunt. Goal is a giant or bust- and my limit in pheasant and quail:) any shooters step out for you guys tonight over beans?

I have not seen a shooter in daylight for a very long time. I saw about 80 deer last night. The largest was about 130", but I am sure there was some shed bucks out there based off body sizes. I will be out this afternoon for one last hurrah. I am wondering how many sheds I can pick up in the standing flooded beans?! Should be interesting.
What an end to a great season. I haven't been this exhausted after a day of hunting in a long long time. My brother and I both harvested a doe tonight- and we saw well over 100 deer today. There were groups of 30+ feeding literally on each property- I have never had a day like that. One giant out of all the deer and 4 other bucks I would consider shooters- but the one buck was a stud. Prob larger than my #1 hit lister. I wasn't able to get any closer than 250 or so yards- that snow was crunchy and loud. So I just sat back and watched through the scope instead of busting them. Will certainly be looking for his sheds. And my brother was absolutely pumped to get his first deer with a muzzle loader - I however was not pumped for STUPID long drag we had because of drifting the truck couldn't get close. Saw a ton of quail and pheasant as well- just not when the bird gun was in hand. Had a great and memorable season- for once my tag soup for buck bow and buck muzzy actually isn't too bad.
Had 15 does n 4 pt in beans by 430. Then they get spooky and head out slowly. See 6 running across other end of field, couple decent bucks. Then dead until 5:28. 5 bucks 300 yards away, fawn walks in beans and they come. Biggest was 150s 3.5-4 year old. Did see 2 hawks attempt to pick off a rooster in the beans. Luckily he got away.
I enjoyed as well. Thanks for taking the time to give us the play by play all season. Sounds like you got a really nice shed hunting season shaping up. Can't wait to see some of those ATLs!
Enjoyed as well. Sounds like a good end to the season.

My dad saw 25-30 deer in a clover field Saturday afternoon while choring. Said they were quick to leave/spooky, so figuring there's been a lot of pressure recently.
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I am certainly looking forward to Shed season now- it is becoming as exciting for me as any other season. I am having shoulder surgery thursday- so i am hoping in a couple weeks, with some help, going to take a few alphalpha bales and corn down to all my cameras and start getting a really good inventory for who has shed and who is still packing- plus give them some extra food. Side note- got the vexilar out last night- had 13" of ice and killed the crappie Might go Tuesday after work/xfit and try and get on the walleye
Got out last night for my last outdoor activity before shoulder surgery tomorrow- and we killed the fish. I lost an absolute wall hanger walleye at the hole- BIG- but killed the crappie and had a few small channel cats mixed in there. Cleaned a few crappies and threw everything else back. There were a few times we couldnt fish two poles because there were so many fish being marked and biting- the last picture is how the screen looked the whole night




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