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Here's My Solution to the Problems Raccoons Cause

I run duke & z trap. I’ll run a pile of each & often a 1 of each in both spots. As of TODAY- I’m gonna say duke catches more than z trap. I thought it would be other way around. My GUESS is - the z trap is harder to trigger. Often times they are not triggered. So- I have to choose to set the trap really close to one of the 2 edges - push or pull - which makes it essentially a 1 direction trap. If I set it in the middle for push/pull - they usually don’t get triggered. I’m far from trap expert but I’ve caught a gazillion coons in these now & im not as impressed with z traps as I thought I would be.
How much bait do you put in them Skip? I catch plenty in z traps and never fill up to the trigger
Me and my dad were inspired from y’all’s success so we went out and got some DPs and set 10 last night and ended up with 4 this morning! I appreciate all of the tips!


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I Was down to only catching one or none a day so i tripped my traps to pause for a while.
Took 51 coons off the home farm in 2 weeks - my corn fields are already thanking me.
So now that we've hammered the coon population in our immediate area - how long before they roll back in thick?
Will we be able to catch the same numbers next year? Or do i need to get after them again in a month?
What is the best time of year to catch raccoons?
Started in July this year when the law changed but thinking earlier would be better in the future?
Who has better knowledge on this to help us amatuer nuisance trappers?
I have been watching these recently (around 8-9 video series). Looks like his 2 year program is thinning them down some and helping. Always a vacuum when dealing with predators, as they will roam and keep filling back in to an extent. But, it appears to really knock them back enough to give other animals (ground nesters) a chance. I'm gong to start in March next spring and keep hitting them right before nesting.

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