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Hunting blinds?

My Rednecks do not leak water. How old are yours? Mine are 2021 Buck Palace. And … it makes zero noise. Idk
Mine are almost 3 years old now and are Predator 360s. The 10-footer pops really bad and my neighbors have the same issue on their 10-footers. Everyone I know has leak issues on the rednecks, so you are lucky (with or without the extra covers you can install over the windows).
We have two Banks and like them a lot so far. Nothing to compare them to and only have had them for one season so take it for what it's worth, but I had my wife in one this negative windchill morning and we were comfortable until we had to leave around 10a.
Would never buy another Muddy. Got a great deal on one but it's a joke. They wouldn't stand behind their warranty and will do anything to avoid resolving the issue. I bought it prior to GSM and it had a LIFETIME WARRANTY which must have meant the lifetime of the fruit in my refrigerator. Complete joke.
I have a couple shadow hunters, a custom built LickCreek and one Banks. The Banks Blind out performs the others hands down. It is hard to believe the difference design makes in improving your hunt but it is dramatic. Banks with tinted glass will get my vote.
I have redneck buck palace blinds and love them. Customer service is incredible too! Several years ago i emailed them because i had a tiny pinhole on the top of it that occasionally dripped water. I asked how the best way to patch the hole (caulk, jb weld, flex seal, etc). They asked for my address to deliver a new blind and pick up my old!
Looks like this got covered- not shadow hunter!!! I have a lot of these of all years and all have same problems…..
Roof starts leaking…. It’s not one piece & the screws come undone & water gets in all over the place. Including rotting the wood in floor. Where the ones leak in the roof - the walls rot. Then the whole blind needs to come in, rebuild all the rotten materials. I’ve had this happen on 3 now where the walls rotted. Snow gets in them from a windy storm. The walls are cheap fiber board. I’ve never got one to 5 years without major trouble. They are temporary blinds for sure as they have too many areas that rot out. Cheap parts & materials. Year 1 I liked a few so bought bunch more. Many years later- no way on earth would I ever buy one again!!!!
@bwese do you have any pictures of you mav windows?
The next time I'm able to go to one of the blinds, I'll take some pics from inside. Season is still going on. Probably be in Jan or Feb.

Here's a pic from the outside.


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is is a new 2022 blind or an older model ? - Grizzly redesigned the blinds and they were quite a bit different this year from past models.
This surprises me. I have a 2-3 year old Grizzly tower & it is solid. I also have a brand new one & the windows are even better & the door has been substantially improved with top & bottom sealing instead of just the latch. Wondering if ur missing some weather stripping as i bumped some off the top of the door & found it on the ground & reinstalled it & that helped?
Hmmm...I am beginning to think that my problems with the Grizzly blind, 2022 model, that I am having are something that may be a new "feature" with this years models and/or related to transportation issues.

I happened to remember that I had trouble with the windows flopping open on initial transport to my farm. (I had about a 60 mile trip that was uneventful in terms of happenings and/or weather/wind conditions, as I recall.) In other words, nothing special happened on what I would consider a normal transport to the area of use from the place of purchase.

But once I got to my farm I saw that several of the windows, and also the main door, had opened during transport. (Yes, I am certain that all were closed and fully latched when I began the trip.) See pics below. The front window, the one that opens "up", had almost come out of its opening in the outer plastic shell. It would not close and latch as the perimeter seal had slid down probably an inch. I had to "work" the seal back into place all around on all of the windows as I recall to allow them to close.

Perhaps this is where my leaking seals stemmed from??

I also am pretty sure that the windows came with a protective, removable film on them. I recall having to remove that from all of the "glass" (really plastic) when I got it to my farm.

Me spit balling here...did the slippery protective film on the windows from the factory lead to the hard plastic window "catches" slipping during transport to the point where the windows flew opened and then flopped in the breeze, etc, so as to break the perimeter seal around each of the windows/door? Hmmmm...

Was there a caulk/silicone seal on the exterior where the window frames meet the outer, hard plastic shell? If yes, I think it would have been wrecked on transport. If no...

...given all this, I am going to start my Grizzly "blind rehab" effort with a good bead of silicone around the exterior perimeter of each of the openings. I can't see where it could hurt...it might actually solve the worst of the problems. My recollection is that the black plastic window perimeter "trim" is not rubber, but more of a hard plastic. So I don't think the silicone will attack it.

Bottom line...when moving these blinds at highway speeds...secure all windows with something beyond the factory "catches", as they may vibrate loose in transit. I wonder if I had peeled back the slippery film prior to transport if the "press fit/friction based" catches would have held??? Hmmm...


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I currently use Rednecks. Have no issues with them. I will most likely be moving toward Titan in the future.
Curious, What do you find appealing in Titans vs Redneck?

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The one thing about Rednecks is they get cracks over time, especially in the corners. Also I have had trims fall off over time. They are multi pieced panels that are riveted together. Lastly, if they ever tip over (severe storm).... bye bye... they be in a million pieces shattered.

roto molded blinds (Titan, Banks, etc) are ONE piece so they can't crack, come apart, or otherwise leak at seams. If they ever hit the ground they will likely just bounce.
Thanks. Good feedback

Anyone ever mounted a Banks blind on a trailer / trailer stand?

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I've helped lots of people mount blinds on running gear, atv trailers, keene lift trailers, hay racks, etc
- lots of ways to make them a little more mobile
I have a Banks on a trailer, see pic below. I only move it about twice per year though, once for turkey in the spring and then again in the fall for deer. I have another blind on a running gear that I bought cheap and then built up, no pic.

I have two Banks on home built structures that I can move easily with the forks on my tractor, see pic below. (Both are similar.)


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