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Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

We dont have access to dbltrees pics and with photobucket having 3rd party issues, and trying to charge people now, I'm going to say we will likely lose all those pics unfortunately.

Oh no!!!!
Well- one thing I'll throw out there... Paul and I worked on a lot of projects together for many years. Paul was an incredible TEACHER and someone I looked up to for many many reasons. He taught me a lot about habitat and over the years- many other things in life. He was a habitat GENIUS!!! I'll never get to the level of his knowledge and I think I've ever known of someone with the level of knowledge he had.
What I'd do is be one part of trying to keep up on some of his work. Stuff like pictures & contributing. I can start taking a lot more pictures and trying to fill in some of those huge holes that are now missing. It'll take time and others help but I'll do work on filling some gaps of what is missing and advancing as best as my abilities are, the spirit of what paul was teaching with all his posts and knowledge. I'll work on this & great reminder/legacy Paul left on many folks across the Midwest.

I can't fill those shoes but I'll chip in.
That man was an example of integrity, hard work, humble & will leave a lasting legacy to a lot of folks. Gotta keep his memory & work alive.

Jesse, his son, is still working on this in SE Iowa. Great kid - maybe I twist his arm to post some information.

I'll do what I can though guys & I have some more feedback later on everything else. Got some ideas on implementing this stuff.
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It would be great if Jesse had some time to share. Loved his pics when he started out trapping. He was taught by one of the best.
If someone could get a hold of Dbltree's photo bucket account so we could download the pictures and reupload to some other hosting platform. Maybe ask Jesse if that's possible????? I would volunteer to update the photos on his posts if I had access to them
I have his number, but never talked to him that much. If someone else knows him better that should be the person to ask him.
I still talk to Jesse a few time's a year I don't mind asking if some one tells me exactly what we need to do.. I believe we need his account updated or need access to it ? I am not sure how the access thing would work being his personal account.. Let me know what to ask Ill reach out.

Ok , I talked to Jesse he contacted photo bucket . The picture can be restored. It's $400.00 . I'm in for $100.00 if you guys want to raise this and get to Jesse through PayPal . Let me know ? We need $300.00 more !!!!
Jesse said that's a yearly charge and a big commitment I agree If we get the pic's can they be pulled off the website and some one store them. to avoid this problem in the future ? I'm not really up to date on this kind of stuff. If its a one time shot and some one can pull the photos once restored I am game. Maybe some one has a plan B
I guess that don't make sense , when his account is shut back down it will wipe them back out no way someone can could manage putting that back together. Sorry wasn't thinking..
His account is still his account. If his son has his passwords to Photobucket they are still there. All of them can be saved, resized and put back in the original spots. That would be a big task. To put them back in the original spots someone would need to be able to access his threads and posts to replace them.
$400 a year? Good gracious. If we could get the login info we could log in, then download the pics. I know I still have access to all my pics, just csnt post them
I'm in for $100. Jesse can also call me and I'm happy to work on getting them downloaded. You all tell me, if this is doable to get access to account with some $, we'll make it happen.
Well, if jesse has his log in info someone could log in and down load each pic without having to pay. Then they'd have to be promoted to a moderator to edit each post and upload them into the threads.

That would be a GIGANTIC PITA.
The issue I can see is nobody would know what pic goes where. We would almost need to restore the photo bucket account so the pics show up in the threads. Then download all the pics and replace them in the threads one by one. Muddy is right, huge PITA!
Ok, we have the $400 covered but thats just the easy part. We'd need a trustworthy person to do the logging in, finding, and transferring of all the pertinent information. That will be a HUGE commitment that will likely need to be someone with a computer information type background, lots of free time in their hands, and a stern mind for detail and patience.

Not it.
I'd be happy to help. Let me reach out to Dbltree's son Jesse. He's a great young man, I'll see what makes sense.... Thx everyone!
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